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Symptom Imperative struggles

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Lauren.R89, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Lauren.R89

    Lauren.R89 Peer Supporter

    I was without pain for about three months from Dec - Feb. Then, I had my jaw lock, a flare up of TMJ "disorder". Which has the vague information around it of a lot of TMS conditions. No one quite knows what to do with it and some places say relaxation and time heal it. While other people want you to pay so much for a procedure that isn't covered by insurance. I ran around to dentists with no help. And then my husband and I decided to just take the TMS/waiting for time to take care of it approach. Then, I got crazy headaches. Currently I have had a headache for 6 days. I never used to get them - I rarely ever get a headache and I've never had a migraine. It's scary to me because I am worried it's a progression of jaw issues. I've seen a PT because my brain responds really well to being worked on by another person (I know this isn't in line with Sarno teachings but everyone knows what makes their own brain feel safe and this helps for me). But unlike previous times, PT hasn't really helped. SOOOO all that to say I have a lot of fear surrounding these chronic headaches and that they might never leave (I know this is dramatic and catastrophizing). I think after feeling like I'd very much recovered then having this flare up throw me for a loop, I feel discouraged. Another thing - I grind and clench the bejeezus out of my teeth at night (I have a night guard). I also have little to no pain when I lay down and sleep (which feels very on brand for TMS pains). ANYWAY just looking for some encouragement and reassurance from this loving community. Also I apologize in advance for how confusing this post potentially is since TMS and TMJ are such similar acronyms.

    Much love,

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  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hey Lauren.

    Summer before last I got a couple of weeks of exactly what you're describing. I knew for a long time I had been grinding my teeth, but as it only hurt for a few minutes after waking up in the A.M. I never gave it much attention. I even cracked a few teeth....but no pain (The dentist found that very odd)
    Than in '17 I woke up and the pain not only didn't go away, it hung around most of the day (as a headache...which I never get). I would have been scared if I hadn't read Sarno and known that TMJ is just another TMS symptom
    I had just moved out of my 'lonely bachelor pad' to move in with my Mother to be her caretaker. I was having problems with my partner. I had just let my rock star son move in with me. I had just gone to work for another Man after being self employed for years. I didn't 'notice' any of these things as they happened..I was totally 'ok' with all of them...just a slow ratcheting up of stress which finally expressed itself in my Jaw and head.
    Whenever something 'new' pops up the answer is always in our life, not the symptom. Look at what's going on inside of you.....your responses to situations that are new or old. Sarno said whenever the problem seems to come out of nowhere to look really close (family)
    the answer always comes....and then the pain fades away as you change your focus.
  3. JulieMTherapy

    JulieMTherapy Peer Supporter

    Hi Lauren,

    You can recover from the TMJ just like everything else! I said this on another thread but I'll say it again: sometimes we feel that we cannot/deserve attention unless we have the pain but you can have it and you deserve it! I'm saying this because you mentioned you work best one on one with someone to get relief (as most people do). One thing that works for me is: stop giving the pain power! Eliminate the doubt component of TMS by remembering: this is DEFINITELY TMS. The doubt and fear drive the pain. You can get through this :)
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  4. bobbyp719

    bobbyp719 Newcomer

    this past year intense therapy along with daily mindfulness has brought me closer to my subconscious trauma..This in turn has brought me more intense pain and other symptoms. Right now both feet and both hands burn every day all day...but I lean into it...attend and befriend and go about my day..This burning will go away...its TMS... ... Each and every day you mindfully accept your symptoms is a day closer to recovery..
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  5. Free of Fear

    Free of Fear Well known member

    Hi Lauren, I think what Baseball said is great.

    When I get an occasional new symptom in a newly stressful situation, I say to it, "Bring it on, I know this is just TMS." I find that attitude helpful since it raises my confidence and makes the situation feel more like a good old fashioned challenge than a catastrophe.

    Wishing you courage!
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