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Sufferineg since 10 years

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Ariansenator, Oct 17, 2022.

  1. Ariansenator

    Ariansenator New Member

    I guess I got cured after reading HBP, but i never followed up, pain always use to comeback as I go over my Facebook messages in TMS Groups.

    1. I have one written in 2019
    2. then a month long pain spasm in 2020, As i see my FB post, I just got married and had extra responsibilities around it and As i can see it was in feb 2020, would have got resolved in sometime
    3. Again I see my FB post ranging 24jan 2021- Apr 2021, Complaining about sitting pain, leg pain, that's almost like 3 months, funny thing is I never had pain after that for a year, i jogged, ran, gym and moved to another country till July 2022
    4. 2022- Pain since 24th July, a lot has happened in last year I never removed my stress - job stress, relationship stress, I did some journaling but was on cloud 9, I was happy, and then pain came with vengeance my legs are paining , tingling - still suffering

    This time suffering has prolonged, its painful, I cannot walk even a bit as nerve pain in legs make it unbearable what is astonishing is that if it is a structural damage someone cant be pain free for 12 months with no symptoms and then suddenly such painful symptoms comeback, It is TMS!

    and Now finally, via this post I want to make a commit that I will do the Alan Gordon work , read the HBP, currently reading Steve's book and , Also embarked on 28 journaling practice.
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