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Sucks there isn't more headache success stories

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by ClintK, Nov 22, 2022.

  1. ClintK

    ClintK New Member

    I was told different kinds of headaches that came on out of nowhere have great success of becoming pain free. .

    I dont see really any stories backing this up .
  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I have a sister who gets migraines - they are always worse and flare up when she is under stress and pressure. She understands this as TMS and usually looks for the trigger and tries to diffuse the stress etc.
    I think probably lots of people are the same....
  3. rbracco

    rbracco New Member

    Hey ClintK, I cured myself of migraines/headaches around 18 months ago (2-3 severe headaches weekly, sometimes lasting days, ever present shoulder/neck-tension and fear of headaches -> 1 mild headache monthly, no neck/shoulder tension). One thing that helped was I compiled a list of every headache success story I could find and read it frequently (I searched Amazon reviews, TMSWiki, and google), I've made it public in hopes that it will help others: https://www.notion.so/Success-Stories-cd4fb668b19d49208855d80330b7da17. Also I just posted my success story here: https://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/cured-tension-headaches-and-migraines-id-suffered-for-10-years.26797/, hope this helps!
  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    I cured myself of migraines that I'd had my whole life using TMS methods. You can read my Success Story by clicking on my profile. You can live headache free.
  5. miketinho

    miketinho New Member

    Last year I had a constant tension headache for 3 months straight. No pauze nothing. It's called NDPH. It was horrible. I then found someone on reddit who had NDPH for 10 years and then he cured himself by finding out about TMS and doing the exercises. He told me about it, i started doing the exercises as well and I cured myself in 2 months doing the exercises. After a while everything was normal and then I stopped doing the exercises. Well guess what happened? Other symptoms started to pop up like urinary urgency and now I also have acid reflux. I'll have to hop back on the exercises. You can recover! I promise!
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  6. Lynette S

    Lynette S Newcomer

    That's fascinating. I spent years with a headache. Literally YEARS. I just accepted it was part of life. Everyone in my family had chronic headaches. Now I haven't had a headache in years and years (but just recently, another opportunity for growth popped up).

    I'm curious if there was any one thing that seemed particularly helpful? Your post is very encouraging. Thanks.
  7. DannyAndDana

    DannyAndDana New Member

    I am many, many months completely migraine headache free after many, many YEARS (!!!) of suffering. I worked with Dr. Steinberg (Laurel) and have fully taken back control over my life. Every day is wonderful now!!
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