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structural problem - scoliosis - TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by YF_86, May 8, 2021.

  1. YF_86

    YF_86 New Member

    Hello all,

    I direct my question to Alan or anyone who wants to help :)

    The last few weeks I have already looked up a lot of information about TMS and have also gone through this site thoroughly. It seems well known, only my situation or problem is complex (or so it seems), hence this question:

    male, 34 years old, severe scoliosis that developed when I was little (S bend 36 °, 2 vertebrae fused at the bottom, and on one side the piece that connects the lower vertebra to the pelvis is missing). I have a bulge along the outside of my back (very tight).

    My spine is in a very bad shape (you understand that), but I can't create a feeling in my spine, I don't feel it. The pain is on the right side (my muscles?); I think my muscles on the right have to work hard to keep me straight and carry me.

    It is my belief that my muscles are also responsible for my skew, because the psoas is attached to the vertebra and just there is my curvature. It has also been established that the psoas is very large and tense on one side (the determiner had never seen this before). If I succeed in letting this relax, I might get a bit more balanced. (but I have already tried many relaxation exercises for this, but no improvement)

    What is wrong:
    - tilt
    Visually you can see (or I see) that I am crooked, it is a serious crooked position ... I can stand up straight by shifting my pelvis and letting my back muscles (drop) and that way leaning pelvis backwards , then I am visually straighter). But requires an effort? All this weighs heavily, you understand that (from the outside world I seem like a normal young man with a busy life, everything seems to be going well in all other areas).
    - pain
    (I have pain in my right muscles and buttocks, they are under constant tension as soon as I get up or walk. NOT when I am sitting or lying down). This problem has taken over my entire life (even though I work full time), and it affects my mood. I have really tried everything in the last 10 years ...

    - is it TMS? (I've been in pain for as long as I know and of course I'm focused on the pain and working on it every day)

    But the big question I have: there is indeed something seriously wrong structurally ... And the pain is not in the vertebrae that are crooked, but is it possibly indirectly caused by it? My pain is on the outside of my corner. My body has to be able to absorb such skew and my muscles are tense to the right. By applying the pain recovery program, can my body cause the muscles to relax and regain balance? So that the left side can also participate and I experience less pain? Is that TMS too? Is this really it?
    I would really like to believe that it is TMS, or that this has an influence as well ... Only there is really a serious problem that is visually visible. The question is, what caused my scoliosis ... here too there are many opinions around.

    I believe in a strong connection between body and mind. It is definitely disturbed for me ... Of course I am angry with my body and I want to be 'normal' ... (is being worked on).

    - Meditation ... I have been doing this for a few months but I don't notice much yet ... the meditation itself works well but I don't notice any change .. What is less successful is my body traces from head to toe and feeling every part of the body ( but I will continue to practice).

    According to my reading in your post, somatic tracking would 'suddenly' surface some kind of unprocessed items (thanks to somatic tracking), which would not have been processed yet?
    Do you have any further advice for me? A kind of step-by-step plan. It would be a great help! I will do everything I can to improve this (in a relaxed way).

    (note: My English is not very good and a translation program helped me)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Balsa11

    Balsa11 Well known member

    I've heard specific exercise works to reduce the need for surgery
  3. hawaii_five0

    hawaii_five0 Well known member


    My sympathies. I can relate to your situation. I'm struggling with something similar: a definite (audible) physical problem (back/pelvis) that is probably caused by muscular or tendon inactivation or imbalances but also made worse by me obsessing about it. And also in my case I believe it is possible that a muscle - possibly the psoas - is "locked" in tension. It sounds like you have tried a lot of things, but if you have not tried it, acupuncture might be worth a shot, to calm the nervous system. Also manual myofascial release by a good physical therapist who is knowledgeable is a possible recourse. But it's also possible that the program(s) on this site could help, it's worth a try. If you make progress I'd be curious to hear, and similarly if I make progress I can message you.

    best regards
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  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    It sounds like you have nothing to lose by trying to treat your symptoms as TMS. Our brains can produce an amazing array of symptoms, and each person is different, but TMS techniques can resolve many problems that seem impossible to recover from.

    I had a relapse of TMS last year that I assumed for months was structural. I also have scoliosis, and would get lower pain when bending over and sometimes my back would go out, meaning I couldn't engage the muscles. There was a noticeable "click" every time I bent over. But when I finally realized it was just another manifestation of TMS, I was able to get the symptoms to go away pretty quickly.

    So go ahead and do one of the self-directed programs on here, read lots of success stories and books on TMS, and listen to podcasts and audio books about TMS. This "knowledge therapy" is a key component of treatment. Keep us posted on your progress. Best wishes.....
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  5. YF_86

    YF_86 New Member

    thanks to the people who responded!

    I would love it if an experienced TMS therapist or Alan could possibly contribute to my post?

    Below is an addition:

    I would like to believe that it is TMS and will also start from tomorrow with Alan's program (and the help through educational program), but the following is the thought:

    - due to the curvature in my back, the muscles are under tension, I only feel my right side (outside bend).
    - I feel the muscles, it looks like muscle tension
    (standing and walking).
    - Suppose it is TMS... how will my body absorb the forces when I stand up? By applying TMS my body will not automatically lengthen the muscles and bring the body more into balance?

    Somehow, given my 'serious' problem, I find it logical that there is pain...

    Tilt the hip forward / back, then I feel tension on the right.

    When I do a pelvic shift to the right I stand visually straighter... But I prefer not to do this because it confuses my body even more.

    I started 2 weeks ago with exercises to teach the brain to let go of the muscles: somatic exercises.

    Anyone advice?

  6. YF_86

    YF_86 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    1 year after my first post I'm back here...

    I have not given TMS a chance in the past and have kept going for my exercises. Unfortunately, after a year I notice that I have no improvement with my somatic exercises. I started reading this forum a few days ago and want to give it another chance.

    I have read a number of things that also apply to me. I no longer want to believe that my pain is caused by my structural problem. I believe it is TMS.

    Situation sketch:

    - I have a severe scoliosis that also gives me pain every day

    - There is a big structural problem and imbalance in the muscles, but I don't believe this is the reason for my pain.

    - according to TMS, I should try to face my suppressed emotions and fear. Since I have scoliosis I am also really crooked (one shoulder lower than the other, and there is a shift in my pelvis). I have a very hard time with this... Even with clothes on you can see it if you would pay attention... (especially if I, for example, walk around a swimming pool with a naked torso). So I've been focused on my attitude every day for years just to make sure no one would see it (you know, society is tough). Facing my fear... are we talking about fear? Yes, sure... But this is a difficult one. I like to try to keep my focus and obsession away from my pain and problems, and not focus on my attitude when I don't know anyone. But when I'm with people I know (my work, friends) I like to keep that control and focus. How exactly do I deal with this? Do you have any tips for me?

    I would like to start 'today' with my reading. I read an interesting post by AnitaV (TMS recovery plan) which I want to combine with the tips of Alan Gordon.

    Thanks in advance!
  7. kimbob369

    kimbob369 New Member

    I too have severe scoliosis but, I think it's better not to "label" myself as such.
    Glad you came back!..
    It's difficult for me to sit down and write a bunch, but bottom line this approach has really helped me!
    In fact, my back pain is really more minor now it is my feet pain that is my issue..

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