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Steve Ozanich's new book is out.

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Grateful17, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

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  2. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    Any new info in it ?
  3. IrishSceptic

    IrishSceptic Podcast Visionary

    Steve's youtube channel now has a host of testimonial videos that are just incredible!
    I presume this is our very own
    @Colly 's story
  4. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

    Here is something I saw on Facebook from Steve:

    I created this page to honor Dr. Sarno because he is without doubt the best pain doctor ever known. He's admired by millions whose lives he changed for the better. A few days ago I released a book on his work, a small piece about 70 pages, that attempts to capture his work into a form for curious people to more easily understand his vast body of work. I asked one of his best friends to write the Foreword, Andrea Leonard-Segal, MD. She is an amazing physician in her own right, and she really liked the book. My goal is like everyone else, to relay his work to as many people who will listen. I would have given this book away for free to help him and others, but I would have owed Amazon for every book sold, so the list price is the least they would let me charge in paperback, and kindle. I'm not making anything on it. He deserves to have his work known. I hope it helps someone to see deeper into what he uncovered ....Steve Ozanich http://www.amazon.com/Dr-John-Sarnos-Healing-…/…/ref=sr_1_5…
  5. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

    He is basically giving it away. Kindle is only $2.99 and paperback is only $5.99
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  6. Cap'n Spanky

    Cap'n Spanky Well known member

    I think this is awesome. Many, many kudos to Steve!!
  7. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    I've ordered Steve's new book and am eager to read it. It's short but ought to be a great blueprint for TMS healing.
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  8. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Is there a way of getting it in print? It sounds like it would be a good TMS starter manual to give out to beginners.
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  9. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    There's a paperback version for $5.99 on Amazon.
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  10. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    I just got it, very cool book. There's a very good read here gang, full of knowledge. Go Steveo
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  11. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    How is it different from is first book besides the size
  12. Misha

    Misha Peer Supporter

    I heard Steve was writing a new book just about back pain? Is this it or another project (or was I misinformed?) :)
  13. Abbo

    Abbo Well known member

    Hi does anyone know if this book covers back pain only or does it encompass other TMS symptoms. I have so many I feel like I am a walking, performing tmser!
  14. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Here's his web page on it, I just ordered a paper version:


    Dr. John Sarno's Top 10 Healing Discoveries
    [​IMG]In the 1970s, John E. Sarno, MD, revolutionized healing with his groundbreaking discovery of TMS; Tension Myoneural Syndrome. It’s one of the greatest medical discoveries of the 20th century, regarding its impact on the world, in healing. But within “the great discovery” Dr. Sarno also unearthed and published several insightful “sub-concepts” that have aided in the healing of millions of sufferers. The knowledge of these intelligent concepts helps to expedite the healing process through a deeper understanding of what comprises suffering, and healing.

    The ordering of Dr. Sarno’s revelations can be determined by their impact; through the amount of light they shed on TMS, regarding suffering and healing. The top-10 revelations are the spokes within the wheel that give TMS its strength. Not one of the 10 can stand on its own, as each crosses over and blends into the other 9 to form the new paradigm-model for healing.

    Awareness and belief hold the keys to unlocking suffering. The more truth that is understood and accepted, the more often healing takes place.
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  15. Abbo

    Abbo Well known member

    Many thanks Tennis Tom, I will order this book today. I have so many books on TMS including Steves first book which I found so profound and inspiring, his courage and determination were incredable. He really is a remarkable man.
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  16. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    It's more about everything tms than just backpain,
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  17. Abbo

    Abbo Well known member

    Thank you Eric. The book is on it's way to me!
  18. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

    Hi Abbo,
    You are not alone. I have many TMS equivalents besides Pain. In fact, I would consider myself very lucky if PAIN was the only thing to deal with. Steve-O lists well over 135 TMS equivalents in his book TGPD and in the past, I experienced over 40 of them........crazy I know. I don't experience all of these anymore as I have worked hard to overcome many of them. I emailed Dr. Sopher last year and mentioned a few of my other symptoms besides Pain and here is what he said to me:


    I have reviewed your questionnaire and appreciate your candor.
    While I always tell people that I cannot make a diagnosis via email, I do think the history you offer is most likely to be consistent with TMS and is consistent with many that I have helped.
    However, I think that it is essential for you to do more work on your own first, before having a consultation with me. In addition to your complaints of, “
    Fibro/chronic pain, lower back, neck, hips, frozen left shoulder, occasional hand pain ,” you also mention, Severe food allergies, inhalant allergies, immune suppression, activity intolerance, eczema, EBV, CMV, IBS, Candida, (intestinal and oral thrush) intolerance to most meds with major paradoxical symptoms.” My experience with those who believe that these are true medical conditions is one of frustration. Those people must discard all of that information before they can truly integrate TMS concepts. That is why I think you should continue your reading, and work on this on your own for now. When you think you’ve done the necessary homework, feel free to contact me again.

    I can't tell you how much his response helped me.
    I drove 4 hours a month later to see a TMS doc and was diagnosed. I am not fully recovered yet and continue to practice True Indifference with many of my conditioned responses. I meditate daily and still do Tapping and my Neural Rewiring program. But as Steve suggested, Life comes first. I no longer watch the calendar or try too hard anymore. And something that has helped me tremendously is to let go of Fear around the symptoms.
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  19. Abbo

    Abbo Well known member

    Thank you grateful 17, yes I am doing most of that also implementing Claire Weeks advice. Face up to fear, anxiety, tension and pain, accept it then float past it and give it time. This is helping me a lot. What is Neural Rewiring please? I also have a TMS therapist who has given me valuable help. I consider myself so fortunate having not only his support but also support from this brilliant site. I dread to wonder " where would we all be without these amazing people that help, support and guide us". Once I start challenging my brain by ignoring the conditioned response it started a new strategie , I developed dizziness when bending and lying down, nausea and fatigue. However, I am starting to say to my mind that I will ignore these temper tantrums they do not concern me anymore. Good luck with your progress in healing.
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  20. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member


    The Neural Rewiring program I do is called Dynamic Neural Retraining System. Instead of calling it TMS they call it a Limbic System Injury. (same thing, different name)
    This program has helped me tremendously.


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