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Should I do the 36 day now

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Harri, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Harri

    Harri New Member

    wanted to ask something to all. Am new to TMS and was lying in bed recuperating from another bout of back pain when I stumbled upon Dr Sarnos work and then proceeded to read his book. Lots of similarities in profiles ESP the goody goody and perfectionist rolled into one...that's me. Wanted to ask learned members ..should I go the 36 day route? Or get into talking with the brain and meditation to start with. Have started talking to my brain and certainly have noticed some small improvement. Especially when I went about talking gently at first like " look here u are part of me and its ur duty to help me ". And sometimes when walking and the muscle pain starts I become a tad angry and say "hey behave". It's too early to say but some Improvements are there...started with a image based meditation. ( was thinking of paradise beach in Phuket ..certainly want to go there again ) and while that did nothing to my pain there was a very blissful peace of mind situation far away from my grumpy self ...

  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi there Harri - and welcome to our community - we're glad you found us!

    We always recommend going ahead and starting the Structured Educational Program. For one thing, you will be exposed to all kinds of different readings and authors and success stories, and for another, you will be asked to simply journal about different aspects of your inner self. This will in NO way impinge on the things you're already doing, which sound very positive and productive. In fact, you will come across exercises that suggest doing what you're already doing.

    The important thing to keep in mind is that not everything in the SEP will resonate with you, or for you. You'll latch on to things that appeal to you, and work for you, and abandon the things that don't.

    Because everyone is different.

    You can also take your time or take breaks (I think it once took me a week to do one of the days). There's no one standing over you with a stopwatch or a time card :D

    Enjoy - and keep us posted!

  3. EricMd

    EricMd Peer Supporter

    I agree with Jan. I have found the structure of the program helpful because it makes me do some of the hard stuff such as journaling. The journaling has been insightful and helpful. There have been several days where I was not able to find time to do the program which is hard for me because I am a rule follower. I still talk to myself everyday and do my affirmations daily. Good luck.
  4. Harri

    Harri New Member

    Thanks both of you for the strong words...am starting the journey.

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