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seven months with no days lost to migraines

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by Lake Dave George, Jun 25, 2023.

  1. Lake Dave George

    Lake Dave George Newcomer

    I started working with Dr. Laurel Steinberg while seeking relief from my years long suffering with anxiety, relationship difficulties and chronic migraine headaches. Since working with Dr. Steinberg I have flourished in many more ways than the wonderful-in-itself, complete relief from grips of chronic migraine.

    I found Dr. Steinberg through a TMS website, I think this one. Within one week from my first session with her on Zoom, I discovered that I already trusted her approach more than that of the neurologist with whom I had worked the prior 9 years ineffectively “managing” my chronic migraine condition. In the first session it became clear that Dr. Steinberg had experienced first-hand the relentless pain I intimately knew and that she was motivated in her practice by her joy at her own release from debilitating migraines. More than just relief from migraines, she offered growth action on several other fronts.

    Joy might not be the first term I would expect to use in this review of a highly competent and caring professional. Writing of my experience with Dr. Steinberg, joy, enthusiasm, experience, knowledge and practical actions are all terms which apply.

    Following our work together, I more consistently live in a Zone of Splendor. As I understand it, the Zone of Splendor is a descriptive term originated by Dr. Steinberg to name not only the condition of freedom from suffering migraines, but to name as well the zone in which I have learned to address fears and not to indulge anxiety, the practice of living well. REBT/CBT readings and exercises have even had the side effect of improving my experience commuting by bicycle.

    I started my work with Dr. Steinberg, resolutely single to focus on my own work and to avoid potential future difficult relationships, which I had experienced in a previous marriage and in subsequent relationships. At some point in my work with Dr. Steinberg, as I became free from migraine, my next homework assignment became dating actions. Treatment in this area also involved exercises establishing internal grounds for a healthy and enjoyable intimate relationship. After many actions and much helpful discussion along the way, I am now enjoying a relationship with great promise.

    It is due to these meaningful and wonderful successes and building a warm relationship with Dr. Steinberg that I choose to write this today, to spread the word about her valuable care.

    Throughout this process and not yet mentioned, she has been and continues to be consistently available, and personally engaged answering any questions which arise in the periods of practice and exercise between our once weekly sessions. In Dr. Steinberg I am working with a highly skilled and motivated professional, who is consistently approachable and personable in the best sense of that word.
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  2. JaneSandyJane

    JaneSandyJane Peer Supporter

    Bravo to your success, David! I worked with her also and loved the program and have achieved the very same results. I'm sure I'll be doing it for the rest of my days, which I now look forward to!I
    posted my success story a while back but still love looking at the different stories and threads on the page. I saw that the administrator commented on your effusiveness earlier -- I totally get it. When you go to someone suffering and they work very hard to help you, and it works, it really matters to you!! The fact that Laurel is so caring is really just the cherry -- the cake is having achieved control over my generalized anxiety and come up with a lifestyle that prevents me from having headaches that left me leaning my head on the wall with a bag of frozen peas on top. I just wish it hadn't taken me so long to find this work. Better late than never, cheers! sandy
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  3. DannyAndDana

    DannyAndDana New Member

    I’m happy to read these posts, guys
    I especially love these success stories
    Sandy — I also remember putting frozen veggies on my head. I didn’t think anyone else did that. Sad it came to that!!
    Dana Siegel

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