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Sensitiveness to sound TMS?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by DontStopBelieving, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. DontStopBelieving

    DontStopBelieving Peer Supporter

    Hi all, I just wanted to ask if anyone had experience being very sensitive to sounds as a TMS symptom? Basically since moving to a new flat I had problems with noisy neighbours who would listen to TV or radio very loudly until late in the night and even if I asked them to keep it down they wouldn't really do it. I'm working on making a formal complaint etc but I've had many outbursts of rage, depression, unhappiness during this period and my brain reacts to any sounds now as a possible treat leading to an obsession about it and sometimes doubting myself if I can actually hear the noise or it is my brain tricking me. I've never experienced anything like it so any help is very welcomed. Thanks.
  2. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    I have been sensitive to loud music at times. I like rock, some metal and rapp, etc. If I'm anxious I sometimes have to tell my brain I'm just being sensitive, and then I can listen. I had a panic attack at a concert.

    I think reading and listening to Claire Weekes has helped me in this, as well as other areas of anxiety. Are you familiar with her? You can read about her here, and also listen to YouTube videos. She has helped many on this forum.

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  3. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Sensitivity to sound is a sign that your nervous system is over-sensitised and therefore is nothing more than TMS. I had this for a very long time, complete with the outbursts of anger, but it did pass as my body calmed down.

    Having endured noisy neighbours in the past I totally understand how enraging such inconsiderate behaviour can be. It's your home and ought be your sanctuary from the world. I live in a flat too and we have an 8am-8pm noise policy which most people observe. Except the **** upstairs who is a DIY addict with a penchant for using electric tools early in the morning. I have in the past offered to place the offending item where the sun don't shine but he didn't seem keen. ;)

    Seriously though, make the complaint and do your best to ride it out. Most places are increasingly intolerant of noise-makers and tend to be onside. And on a practical front, earplugs (I favour wax ones) are a gift from the gods.

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  4. Durga

    Durga Peer Supporter

    I have it too, when my nervous system has been under a lot of stress.
  5. Dorado

    Dorado Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yup! When I’m stressed out, sounds can make me super anxious and sometimes even prompt aching in my head. This aching was heightened during anti-depressant withdrawal (I basically had to quit cold turkey because my body could no longer tolerate the drug), which lasted way longer than usual for me because I was ridden with anxiety and TMS took advantage of the situation. This level of sensitivity went away when I calmed down and lowered my cortisol. ;)

    I’ve felt a great deal of panic when loud ambulances pass by, doors slam, etc. since I was a kid. I never understood why until I began researching anxiety-related health symptoms.

    This is nothing but the sympathetic nervous system and amygdala playing tricks on you when you’re stressed or upset!
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  6. Durga

    Durga Peer Supporter

    I have CFS so it is really comforting to know that "normal" people have this issue as well. Very happy for your answers! Often after a period of high sensitivity like this, I tend to have a periode feeling hung over, nausea, headache in the back of the skull, like I have been sleeping for hours in the sun (bad feeling ). Enyone else?
  7. Dorado

    Dorado Beloved Grand Eagle

    I have the same symptoms, Durga. It’s all from an overactive sympathetic nervous system and stress! Those feelings of general unwellness are very normal, and are certainly characteristic of overwhelmed nerves (literally - the sympathetic component of the autonomic nervous system is in charge of many bodily functions that lead to such symptoms). Nausea, headaches... I know them all too well.

    With regard to sound sensitivity, I’ve always been sensitive, but let me tell you this: stress SIGNIFICANTLY magnifies the sensitivity! Something I would normally rank as a 3/10 on the bothersome scale increases to a 9/10 when I’m upset. And ultimately, there’s a psychogenic component to everything, even structural issues.

    I could say TMS is smart, but it’s really more like the mind-body connection is amazing and endless.;)
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  8. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    It might be TMS related. I am also sensitive to noise. But: sometimes neighbors are really loud and are annoying for most people. Making a complain seems to be a good measure. I had neighbors turning on loud music on Sunday afternoons. I called them, telling them that I also love to listen to George Michael, but I still would like to decide myself when I listen to his music. My call was convincing, the noise stopped.
    Maybe this is not a TMS problem, but a problem between neigbors? Don’t over-psychologize .... This said, yes, I believe that TMS can go along with noise sensitivity.
  9. Lynn S

    Lynn S Peer Supporter

    When I was a child I would cry about any loud noises. The outburst stopped about the age of eight but realized during therapy in my forties that I've always been sensitive to light and sound. It doesn't seeem normal to me that a child can have an overworked system but its true. Still working on gettting to the root of this one.
  10. Lauren.R89

    Lauren.R89 Peer Supporter

    Just found this thread and the information is so helpful. As my pain has calmed down, I’ve had the most random sounds either get stuck in my head or trigger panic attacks. It’s nice to find that other people have had similar experiences

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