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Seasonal allergies

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by fern, May 30, 2018.

  1. fern

    fern Well known member

    Hi everybody! It's been a little while! I've been coasting with my abdominal/pelvic TMS at a comfortable low grade, and I had some busy times that kept me away from the computer, but now a new curiosity has me checking in with you beloved folks.

    I've read about people on here managing seasonal allergies with a TMS approach. I'd like to try it, but I'm finding it much more challenging - either because these allergies are not TMS, or because I need some new tools. For the most part, my digestive and pelvic pain is intermittent and discrete, so I can mostly get my head around it.

    Allergies are a different story. I'm allergic to so many different pollens that I don't even bother to remember the list anymore, and dust and mold. The diversity of triggers and seasons means that I have symptoms all year round, not appearing and disappearing but merely ebbing and flowing. I don't always have a negative association with the symptoms. In fact, when my first spring allergies hit, I often feel a little twinge of joy because it means the long winter is over! But I've developed a grass allergy in the last few years that nearly knocks me flat, maybe because it's so new. Early summer means copious, unfathomable amounts of snot, constant nose-blowing, sneezing all the time, feeling like the inside of my face is swollen, fatigue, etc. It doesn't let up except when I'm inside an air conditioned building or car, which is not really where I want to be when there are green leaves on the trees and a breeze through the windows and a world to explore. I refuse to hide inside.

    I won't bother boring everybody with medications/remedies I've tried, etc., because that's not really the purpose of this thread! But I've tried most of them, I promise, with very limited results. Except shots, which I'd like to hear more about.

    I'd love to hear stories and advice from people who have addressed their seasonal allergies with the TMS approach - particularly those of you for whom it was more "always" than "seasonal." Like others who have posted with confusion about how to address pain that is constantly present, without any distinct triggers, I'm confused about where to start. Not only are they virtually constant, but they also came on so gradually that I really can't identify when they started, let alone what was happening in my life when they did.

    I'd also like to hear what you all think about shots. There's part of me that wonders if shots are kind of like TMS techniques, gently teaching the body that it is not in danger from these things, helping it bravely face them without fear. Especially absent any clear emotional triggers. What do you think? Are shots complementary to the TMS approach?

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