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Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by mjferreira, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. mjferreira

    mjferreira Newcomer

    Hi everyone,

    Since June 2017, I have been dealing with forarm/elbow/hand pain in both arms. I am a musician, and first noticed this while playing the piano. However, after a couple months, it began to bother me while using the computer/gaming. I went to physical therapy, which provided temporary relief, but nothing permanent. Since then, it has gotten a little better, but there is still substantial pain in my arms/elbows/shoulders if I do these activities.

    My anxiety has been persistent and has been bothering me since around 2015, and I find that I am always worrying about something health-related. I have been to the doctors numerous times for other issues (headaches, IBS, pain in knees, chest pain, etc.) but none of the tests conducted ever showed anything serious to blame. The funny thing is, whatever the symptoms were prior to my doctor visits went away after the tests showed nothing was wrong. My thinking is that my arm pain could be similar but it just won't seem to completely go away. Sometimes it is in my right arm, sometimes my left elbow, and sometimes both arms. It bothers me occasionally when I do other activities, such as lifting weights or shoveling. I also notice that I have muscle pain in many areas of my body such as my shoulders, neck, chest, etc.

    I have considered TMS in the past and have read Sarno's Mind-Body Prescription. I believe it did not do much for me in the past because I did not give the idea of TMS 100% because of the fear of actual physical issues. Every time the pain starts, I am worried about causing permanent damage. Does my RSI sound like something that could be TMS?
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  2. Titus Groan

    Titus Groan Peer Supporter

    Absolutely. I'm new here and a recent convert, but as far as I can tell - RSI is TMS. I'm a musician as well, and have struggled with nearly every symptom you can think of in the arms/hands (tingling, numbness, swelling, pain etc.) - had it in my thumbs, fingers, wrists, arms, elbows - had an op on my elbow too. Had the pain spread to my neck, shoulders, back as well. This has been a 7 year struggle, and for the past 3 or 4 years I haven't done any heavy lifting, have played no more than half an hour or so of guitar (with symptoms) and have not been able to touch a computer or phone for several months.

    All that changed dramatically since taking TMS seriously. You can read my story so far here and see if any of it resonates: http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/intro-my-story-new-guy.20531/ (Intro/My Story (New Guy))

    I'm still on a journey and still battling symptoms - but they've reduced dramatically, and the only thing that's helped is choosing not to be scared, resuming activity despite symptoms and looking into my past and present stresses. Result? Within days I was using the computer hours on end. After a week or so I was playing hours of guitar and lifting heavy gear.

    This week I had a scare after my dog died. Pain came back after barely an hour of light playing and has persisted this week after only half an hour. It freaked me out because I had a gig. Well, I just got back from that gig. I was so tempted to tell our other guitarist to take over my lead parts - but instead I chose to not care about the pain, not fear it and just go for it. And, guess what? I didn't have a single symptom.

    From what I've gathered, no two cases are the same and some people make progress quicker and easier than others. I also wouldn't want you to take my word for it as I'm an inexperienced member of this forum and still working through doubts and fears - all I know though is that I've had a lot of different health conditions and all of them have been either relieved or eliminated through applying the TMS theory, or unknowingly applying it in the past (I.e. Linking the symptoms to emotions/anxiety).

    I also came across Sarno's book a year ago and it didn't do much for me. It took desperation, a real low point in my health and the coincidence of me coming across the theory again that brought results. I've been reading Georgie Oldfield's "Chronic Pain: Your Key To Recovery" and have found it much more practical and easy to apply, so maybe have a look at that.

    All the best and hope that helps.
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  3. cdub

    cdub Peer Supporter

    I have the exact same issue right now. My hands and arms sometimes get really cold and heavy too.

    Trying to work through it and solve it. Haven't beaten it yet though.

    The fact that my symptoms change day to day from arm to arm is a huge giveaway that is TMS.
  4. Jules

    Jules Well known member

    As someone who is the poster child for TMS and one that has had shoulder, rib, RSI, frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, and carpal tunnel issues, it IS TMS. My pain moves like crazy and at times where you’d think it should be bad, there’s no pain and vice versa where I’ve hardly done anything, the pain is horrible, It’s all very random - or is it?

    I’ve come to the conclusion that my brain has been so conditioned to feel pain that it can’t let go without major re-wiring. But, if Steve Ozanich did it, I and YOU can do it too! it may take longer than you want (it’s taking me 6 + year) but I have hope one day it will be gone for good! Don’t fear it, fuck it! ;)
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