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Right ear shuts down -> TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by mattbz, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. mattbz

    mattbz New Member

    Hello everbody!

    My name is Matt and I have/had TMS for the last 3,5-4 years. After about 1,5-2 years I found out about TMS and read everything I could get my hands on: Sarno, Schubiner, Fred Amir and many more. My pain was maybe at 5 % when I got a relapse. Since last october though, I started to workout again and my pain improved from workout to workout. 1 month later I become nearly painfree which is still on going.

    But now something different came up. It started about 5-6 weeks ago. At the end of my workouts my right ear would shut down/closed itself, meaning I could still hear but I could hear myself breathing and it felt strange. It is no real pain but it's a weird/strange feeling. At first I didn't care at all and thought it's just another tms sympton, e.g. my left eye was hurting for some days but this soon stopped. Not this issue. Now I get after 10-20min into the workout and it also takes longer to go away. At first it stopped like 2-3min after the training.

    I already went to see an ear-doctor but he said everything was alright and it may be an blood pressure problem. I've got an appointement with another doctor for this but I doubt he will find anything because I never had issue with that and I always did a lot of sports.

    What do you think? Is it possible that this is also a tms symptom and what would you recommend me doing now? Thanks!
  2. sarita

    sarita New Member

    Hi Matt,
    Starting about 9 months ago this happened to me. Then it turned into full ringing, which then turned into vertigo attacks after the ringing dissipated. Yes, a time or 2 my blood pressure was high, but this ended up being TMS for me. I hold my breath a lot. Which if you do some research your inner ear gets the least amount of oxygen in your entire body. Which is pretty logical for me and very Sarno. I also found that caffeine and alcohol triggered the ringing and weird feelings of being underwater and hearing your breathing. I went through lots of inner ear/neurological testing and everything came back normal. I still have low grade ringing in my ears daily.....but only when I feel that I'm panicky/out of breath.

    Be kind, gentle and patient with your body and try to look deep as to what your body is warning you about typically anger and emotions.

    Hope this eases your mind a bit.
  3. mattbz

    mattbz New Member

    Hi Sarita,

    thank you for your post. I really appreciate it!
  4. Lala

    Lala Well known member

    Hi Mattbz, I just read your post. I've had ringing in my ear on/off for years...but it has gone away with most of my other TMS symptoms through TMS healing. I noticed you have read most of the known authors on TMS material...have you read Steven Ray Ozanich's THE GREAT PAIN DECEPTION. It was this book that helped me truly get past the worst of my TMS. He suffered for 30 years from chronic back pain and many other symptoms (I think ear stuff might have been part of it). He found Sarno and was completely healed within 15 months. He then spent 10 years researching this book, which is truly amazing and very in depth....its the best thing I've read on TMS the whats, the whys and the hows to heal. best of luck.

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