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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by redslinky, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. redslinky

    redslinky New Member

    I have been "healed" by Dr. Sarno on two occasions. Once for severe upper back and arm pain and once for low back.
    The first one,I have to wait 8 mos. for the appt. That was in 1987. I was well immediately when I saw myself in the description of perfectionism and goodism. I did have to occasionally stop and yell at my mind when the pain tried to return but I won and it has never returned.
    The lower back shifted from side to side. I again went to New York and saw Dr. Sarno. Same diagnosis TMS. It took longer to get over that malady. I even called Dr. Sarno after a month and he said to keep reading and maybe see a psychotherapist. I read and one day it was gone.
    THIS time is different. The pain came on 9 mos. ago in my lowerback,buttock area and down my leg with tingling in the toes. The pain is excruciating. I came close to surgery but when the neurosurgeon was going to put everything from his toolbox in my back I left.
    I went to see Dr. Rashbaum a couple of weeks ago. I am home reading and reading. I have it almost memorized but the pain is terrible. I can only walk a few steps and the hot burn starts in my back and down my leg. Sitting relieves it some but even sleeping is bad. I am not discouraged when I know I am not alone on this journey.
  2. yb44

    yb44 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi redslinky (love the name!)

    How fortunate to have seen Dr Sarno and to have healed under his guidance. Unfortunately all of us are human and thus prone to experience TMS at any point in our lives, particularly during or directly following stressful times, no matter how many times we have read Healing Back Pain or any of Sarno's other books.

    I have never seen a TMS doctor but am hoping to do this in the near future. I am experiencing the same pain as you, sciatica. It has grown increasingly worse since mid May. Although I have been reading, saw a TMS therapist at one stage and so on, after several years I find myself in the worst state I have ever been in. I have successfully managed to see off or ignore minor symptoms during this time but as you say THIS time is different. Sciatica, or any nerve pain for that matter, makes you really sit up - if you are physically able - and take notice.

    After much thinking and soul searching I have come to the conclusion that although I recognise my triggers, know how my personality traits contribute to my TMS symptoms and accept that my crap childhood sets me up good and proper for all kinds of ailments and mental health issues, I have been avoiding something. I have an effective long term memory so there are no buried memories I need to excavate. What I have been avoiding is feeling, feeling the hurt, anger, betrayal, mistrust, disappointment guilt, shame, embarrassment, love, grief etc, etc. I can't hide from this stuff anymore and need to learn in my own time, in my own way how to feel these feelings.

    I don't know if you can relate to any of this. I can only say that if you are still ailing, and pretty badly from the sounds of it, there is something you are missing or avoiding. I am glad you are not discouraged as there is absolutely no need. You certainly have a wealth of travelling companions to accompany and encourage you along your journey, present company included.

    Other companions will no doubt be along soon to give you all sorts of suggestions, links, books, podcasts, details of the wiki chatroom that opens later today and structured programmes to follow such as the latest one from Alan Gordon. I would give you the links myself but I really am in a lot of pain so must sign off for now. Sorry! Hope you stick around.

  3. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello redslinky, that's a cool name- glad to hear you've healed in the past
    that shows you can heal again-
    I got healed by sarnos program some ten years ago,
    it came back about 2 years ago and I have successfully beat it again
    ive been better for well over a yr now and its sweet
    see twelve years ago is how long its been now since the first healing
    I seemed to always have some pain but not enough to mention
    I didn't know then that I had done Dr. Sarnos protocol to get better then
    I stopped focusing on the pain and I went to work and started thinking psychological
    I started going out of my way to speak to people in public and after 16 yrs I got better
    now like I said I did it unknowingly that id done Sarnos protocol
    so as the years passed I started wondering what if the pain comes back- ya know the cant walk pain
    and it went from worrying to fear and then complete fear and focus
    anyhow when I picked up Sarnos book some time ago I knew when I saw his chapters that he had the answer
    I came back and healed- it took some time but I stayed dedicated and the healing happened
    I know what its like for the pain to come back - somethings happened that only you can undo
    theirs lots of exciting new styles with Alan Gordons program
    and the SEP program is pretty great in itself
    any questions or if you just want to write some post its all good
    were here to help each other heal and grow in out knowledge of ourselves
    feel free to step in when your ready, nice to see you really know where to look
  4. redslinky

    redslinky New Member

  5. redslinky

    redslinky New Member

    Last night I read an article from Mass. General Hosp.of all places on Mindbody medicine.
    It mentioned RR (relaxation response). I used to teach it years ago to my OB patients and then we called it progressive relaxation. I works if you lie down in a quiet area. Soft music is good. Then tighten and relax each part of the body starting with feet on up,including arms. I used it before with tms when almost well but felt it trying to tighten up the muscles.
    I did it last night with music I downloaded from Kitaro. I do feel so much better today. Will do it again tonight.
  6. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    great, keep me up to date- your meditation is a good one
    I do this type......

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