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Really worried about symptoms .. any help appreciated

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by D’mo, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. D’mo

    D’mo Newcomer

    Greetings everyone :)

    After 6 months of pure hell, I’m at my wits end & trying everything possible to find a solution to my current symptoms

    I’ve had a chronic cough for 6 months - which I feel has gotten progressively worse since googling “cough hoarse voice” and getting the worst possible suggestions all pointing to “C” :(

    I’ve seen countless amounts of doctors and so far, this is my results:

    * chest x Ray twice - both times clear
    * camera into my throat - clear
    * full blood counts - clear
    * kidney ultrasound - clear
    * abdomen ultrasound - clear

    All doctors have said it’s either post viral & will go on its own after time OR one doctor stated it’s possibly a habit???

    From the cough, I’ve also had a sore back in certain spots and sometimes chest pain

    I’ve been SUPER ANXIOUS all the time - it’s really consuming me & I don’t seem to get a break

    I don’t cough when I sleep ..

    Doctors have assured me it’s not lung cancer BUT I still can’t stop obsessing over it

    I’m 34, previously super fit & healthy, all my bloods are really good levels

    Doctors cannot understand why I have the cough.

    Could this be some kind of TMS symptoms? How can I break a habit? If that’s what it is

    Doctor has prescribed me Zoloft but I’m scared to take it :/
  2. D’mo

    D’mo Newcomer

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