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'Pudendal Neuralgia' that manifests as burning/tingling/prickling

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by sb_flyer, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. sb_flyer

    sb_flyer New Member

    Does anyone have TMS that shows up as burning/tingling/prickling and/or shock-like symptoms in various areas of the genital region? Any men that have these symptoms? Anyone that's had these symptoms and overcome it? I used 'pudendal neuralgia' in the title of this thread as it seems as though so many have gone down that 'diagnosis' path before realizing they have TMS. For some, the 'diagnosis' of PN shows as more traditional pain in the scrotum, testicles, perineum. For me, it's more skin, tingling, burning, prickling sensations that are present non-stop and that make me crazy all day every day. Either way, I know it's not PN and that it's TMS, but I'm having a really hard time dealing with the problem. I obsess about the symptoms (hence, writing here) and end up in a vicious cycle of fear about them. It also seems that the more I focus on the symptoms and doing the work (educating, meditating, mindfulness), the worst things get.

    Looking for any stories that are similar where someone has recovered. If so, what are some of the things that worked for you?
  2. Dorado

    Dorado Beloved Grand Eagle

  3. sb_flyer

    sb_flyer New Member

    Thanks for this and for sharing the link to your story. I realize I'm generalizing a bit here, but it feels like there are two buckets of approaches that end up working for people - 1) those who deep-dive on TMS education and knowledge but then religiously do the work (i.e. follow Alan's program, read all of the books, listen to the various podcasts, meditate, do somatic tracking, etc.), and 2) those who educate, give all of the above a whirl, then decide they just need to live their lives and stop obsessing over all of this stuff. There is obviously a middle ground, but what I find interesting is that some people educate and then say 'F it' and just decide to live their lives the best way possible and try to paint a picture of a rosier future.

    For me, constant focusing and refocusing on the work seems to trap me in this vicious loop of obsession and fear of the systems.
  4. Dorado

    Dorado Beloved Grand Eagle

    Everyone is different. Ultimately, mind-body/TMS symptoms are caused by powerful emotions that rev the body up. For some people, deep diving into the world of TMS breaks that cycle; for others, it further ramps it up. What helps you feel more at peace with yourself and recognize you are safe?
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  5. sb_flyer

    sb_flyer New Member

    Good question. I'm not quite sure yet. I feel like things such as meditation or trying to be present with the pain (without judgement) only cause me to focus on it more. Maybe I just have more work to do to get comfortable being present with it. But, on the flip side, it feels like I might be better served to just try and ignore it and live my life.

    I don't yet know what is better for me. When I try to ignore it, the symptoms continuously surface as non-stop reminders. The interesting thing about the skin sensations is that a little thing like a prick or what feels like a needle jab is enough to set off a whole spiral.
  6. MIsty152

    MIsty152 Peer Supporter

    Yes, I have. I have an almost constant nervy feeling. I've noticed it shifts from my urthera to my bladder sometimes. The sensations change and the intensity of the pain changes, so I know it's TMS. I've also gotten other symptoms that shift like crazy: headache, back pain, prickly feelings in hands and feet, etc. I do not care about these symptoms. The nerve pain has decreased, now I do not fear it that much any longer. But I know it takes time and I give myself the time for that.

    While working on TMS, I have noticed that journaling doesn't really work for me, I even get frustrated by it. I get more out of talking to other people and reflecting on how I live my life, while feeling my emotions. I am putting an extremely amount of pressure on myself (since I was a little kid) and am a #1 people pleaser, which I am really sick of. In the past I would say "that is just how I am" and live in a constant state of stress. I cried about that alot during the past couple of days and I think a lot of anger is underneath it (I notice this in my tone when I speak about it with others), but I give it time to come to the surface. I am working on changing my behavior, with really small steps (and I celebrate those steps!), and I have a therapist who helps me to identify my defense mechanisms and to dismantle them. This helps to access my feelings better. This helps me with dealing with other daily stresses aswell.

    What I am trying to say is, are you aware of your way of handling daily stresses? And the way your personality influences that?
  7. sb_flyer

    sb_flyer New Member

    Sorry, I missed your reply here @MIsty152.

    I am trying to become more aware of how I handle my daily stresses, but it's certainly a work in progress. I internalize all of my stress and always try to present myself as calm, patient, and steady to the outside world when internally I'm usually a ball of nerves and dealing with lots of anxiety about work and everyday life. This whole idea of feeling my emotions just feels damn near impossible -- it's like there's a mental block for me when trying to do so. Or, put another way, I can discuss my feelings and emotions at a rational level, but I struggle to 'feel' them, if that makes any sense.
  8. Drew

    Drew Peer Supporter

    Omg yes @Dorado i feel since last 6 months that I started meeting neurologist and deep getting on TMS I got the worse I have ever been the parasthesia burnint tingling pins and needles vibration electric shocks etc from just legs has no spread all over to fingers and grace and temples and biceps and legs twitch so much worse is the calf ankles and legs they burning and have bug biting and crawling all along. Don’t know do I need to turn this forums. And TMS obsession off n move on with life I literally turned my body of sooo many times last 2 years then how am I worse than ever
  9. jula

    jula Peer Supporter

    I experience what you have but mostly in my hands. I think it’s TMS but I am only beginning to deal with my extreme health anxiety and TMS.

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