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Day 10 Progress, regress and progress

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by mdone, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. mdone

    mdone New Member

    So I have reached day 10...
    The past 10 days were a bit of roller coaster for me. I have accepted the diagnosis, then again I had rejected it and then again I am accepting it.
    I have came across Dr Sarno theory and this forum during weekend after roughly 4 months of sciatica - which got worse last month. I have been reading about the TMS for two days straight. At first it looked like another "heal yourself mumbo jumbo", but then I have found 2 research papers on pubmed. First was about the outcome of spine MRIs from 3100 asymptomatic people, and it turned out that this was exactly what Dr Sarno was saying 30 years earlier! Next, clinical research by Dr Schubiner, which showed that 53% of patients were healed when they were treated TMS. What is more, everything started to click, I had a really difficult year and symptoms were matching some events in my life.

    I started Structured Educational Program and was making progress for 7 days straight - I slowly started living again: got back to work, helping at home, driving car, meeting with friends. Then I made a mistake and went to see a neurosurgeon. That was a disaster, especially when I saw my MRI, large disc extrusion. I started feeling very sick, symptoms fully returned. I started having "disc herniation obsession" and was digging the Internet about research on disc regeneration, about surgery, ozon injection etc. I still followed the SEP, but did it as a yet another task was not convinced that it was helping at all.

    Today two things have changed today:
    1. My book - Sarno's "Healing back pain" - was delivered.
    2. Did Holmes and Rahe test and it turned out I scored 360 for this year, but most important I saw how many stressful events I went through in just 8 months.
    I have noticed, that sciatica pain decreased significantly and I was able to work on some easy stuff at garden.

    Now, I need to read "Healing back pain" and going back on the path to finish my recovery.
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  2. Brant

    Brant Peer Supporter

    you can do it! keep accepting it, I always got sick to my stomach after viewing my MRI/CT Scan/X-rays(list of diagnosis is long, in My Story) and even after knowing all about TMS earlier in life when it really helped me, forgot somewhat and listened to the surgeons and the pain again, but I recently re-engaged Sarno(I read the Mindbody Prescription again) and found this great site and did the SEP program and came away new and improved! all the best...
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  3. mdone

    mdone New Member

    Thank you Brant!
  4. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Quite honestly it can take a while for the wisdom of Sarno's words to sink in and become true knowledge. I smiled when you called it mumbo jumbo because I think we all go through that phase (with endless revisits, throwing books at walls etc). The key is to find how it applies to you in your life, and then figuring out how to apply it in your life. I have a hunch that the neuroscientific explanations will benefit you greatly. It lifts the whole thing out of the mire of potential metaphor (the unconscious) and into something solid and verifiable. Dr. Schu has done a lot towards that. There is some stuff in the research section of the forum that may provide jumping off points too. Ultimately they are all fingers pointing at the same moon.

    Welcome to the forum. And for the love of god stay off google.
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  5. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes, everyone. Don't go to Dr. Google to see if you have a symptom. Go to a doctor and if nothing (or not much) is structurally wrong, then give TMS a chance to heal. It most often does.
  6. Marytabby

    Marytabby Peer Supporter

    Yes, by going to the dreaded dr. appt. you hit the reset button on the progress. Keep working the program. I got rid of my back pain in 2005 and it has not returned.

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