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Post Covid - Dizziness / Off balance

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Matthewa100, Jan 30, 2022.

  1. Matthewa100

    Matthewa100 New Member

    Dear TMS Forum.

    Many posts here asking for help, so I'll try and be short and sweet.

    Several years ago now I was diagnosed with NDPH ((Headache upon waking not pretty) by the medical profession which lasted over three years off bouncing around the medical profession including stem cells injections in the neck, and so forth. I discovered Dr Sarno and his teachings (god bless him) and was cured 100%.

    Roll on to January 2022. Some very minor bouts of TMS which I corrected over the last few years but minor and only every lasted a few days. I have some skin related issues which have been happening for the last year which may also be TMS but they don't really both me on a day to day basis.

    Anyway to cut to the chase, I got Covid in the second week of this month. I believe it was Omicron. I had x2 Pfizer only recently and basically had mild symptoms (no loss of taste / smell) and it cleared by day 4. On Day 5 I started to get what could be described as light headed / dizzy / off balance when I was upright and walking. This has continued to this day. My body is still physically fit (I walk 5 - 10km) every day so I dont believe Covid has affected any of my major organs, I dont thankfully have any respiratory issues.

    Ive been given a medical examination and told im in good condition.

    Its this TMS ?? Its very frustrating tbh. How can my ANS have switched from headache pain to dizziness???

    I watched this video with interest: https://www.thismighthurtfilm.com/long-covid (Long Covid — Neuroplastic & Mind-Body Resources — This Might Hurt)

    Please any thoughts / ideas/ insights would be very welcomed.



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