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Program Periformis Syndrome Quandry

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Ripley, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Ripley

    Ripley Newcomer

    So my TMS gave me periformis syndrome, and just like everyone else, I've tried everything to cure it. Physical Therapy, Dry Needling, Stretches, Exercises, Yoga, Pilates, Injections in both the SI Joint and Periformis, TWICE. Nothing worked. But now with the realization that it most certainly is a symptom or as I like to say, a gift, from TMS, do I still continue the workouts, stretches, etc? My thought is that the Periformis Syndrom has damaged my body, and needs to repair - despite my brain understanding WHY it happened. Or do I stop all actions to help "repair" and just let the body do what it needs to do to get well? Will the pain go away faster if I stop all attempts to cure it? Or do I need to help it along still? Any thoughts on this would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  2. PAwoodchopper

    PAwoodchopper New Member

    I'm new here too with similar problems so hopefully the experts chime in, but I'd say if it feels good do it. What I mean by that is I exercised and stretched in the evenings before I had nerve pains attributed to piriformis syndrome, and continue to do so. I can't see myself not doing my workouts and stretches at this point, but again the experts may disagree. I think if you're dwelling on the pain as you exercise you're hurting yourself, but if it's a normal part of your life like it was for me I'd keep doing it.
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  3. Lori

    Lori Well known member

    Why do you believe your body is damaged?

    Are you looking at the EMOTIONS you are feeling, situations in your life, conflicts you feel? You seem to be looking at the physical aspect only. There is so much more to be examined.
  4. Ripley

    Ripley Newcomer

    I guess I feel that I'm damaged because there is a significant difference physically between the right and left side of my body. It's just not pain that I'm experiencing but limitations. There is also a physical difference in tone, inside and out. Something the acupuncturist even noticed. I get how this started, but the end result has manifested into a degredation of my body, which seems like it would benefit from external therapies to help heal, and not just the mind deciding to stop playing games. Or is any external manipulation just a continued reaction my mind wants in order to keep me distracted from the origin of my TMS?
  5. Lori

    Lori Well known member

    I still say to heal from the inside out. I was diagnosed with large herniated discs and surgery was recommended. I chose not to go that route despite a doctor's advice. Make that 2 doctors. Healing from the inside out changed my life. I no longer fear any physical condition--and they all go away! It took effort to think about what was bothering me--i made a list--and to sit with it and let the FEELINGS come up. But it worked! I think most people don't want to face or look at things so we just keep stuffing feelings down. They all go somewhere and then erupt. . . then comes the physical ailment.

    What is going on in your life? What has built up inside you? That's where I would be looking. You say you are degrading. What are you festering about? Start writing! Choose a topic you find bothersome.

    Although you need to do what you feel is best for you. . .
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  6. Adventureseeker

    Adventureseeker Peer Supporter

    Hi folks,

    I've suffered from piriformis from May till end of September last year, and together with other symptoms, it almost drove me to suicide. Here's my advice as to what worked for me:

    i) You are NOT going to heal if you still think that there is any sort of physical damage. If you want to treat your symptoms as TMS, you have to believe that they are symptoms of anxiety/rage/fear (could be fear or rage about the pain itself). Of course, mental states cause actual and real physical sensations, but as Dr Sarno insits, these are reversible in the case of TMS.

    ii) Follow the TMS structured program religiously.

    iii) Regarding stretches/physio, only do them for fitness' sake, and not for the sake of 'curing' your body. Stretches can keep your attention focused on the body, that's why Sarno recommends not doing physical therapy. So regarding Ripley's question, yes the pain will go away faster if you stop all attempts to cure it, as long as you also learn to be patient and not judge it as a threat.

    iv) I substituted physio for activities I enjoyed, starting out with short walks and swims, and increasing gradually. Towards the end of the healing process, I decided to break into a run - guess what - once I believed that running was not going to be detrimental to me, the pain disappeared.

    v) Keep a list of things to prove it's TMS and gradually add to it as you start to realise new stuff. For example, the fact that piriformis might have started suddenly, not during exercise, would mean that it can't be an injury. Maybe look at correlations between flare ups and unpleasant events. Anything to PROVE that the pain is related to emotions and not to an injury or damage. I remember one day I was called urgently and I broke into a short run up the stairs... it didn't hurt immediately, but once I remembered that I had run, it started to hurt! So the pain was definitely a good example of conditioning.

    You are in the right place guys on this forum! It has literally saved my life, and I hope it helps you too. Let me know how it goes!
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  7. Ripley

    Ripley Newcomer

    Thank you all for your feedback. Very good info. I have to do the work, be patient, and not let the pain intimidate or distract me.
  8. ladyofthelake

    ladyofthelake Peer Supporter

    I had HORRID piriformis/sciatica for years. I did find personally that I had to stop all therapies/stretches/exercises that focused on trying treat it physically. Anytime you try a physical cure it reinforces the erroneous believe there is something physically wrong.
    I just started doing activities I enjoyed instead. I stopped avoiding sitting which made it worse Because sitting should be an ok position.
    My success was not overnight at all, it was rough going.
    I had to find the approach that worked for me. I found everything that worked for me on the forum/site.
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  9. intense50

    intense50 Well known member

    I will not add details because it's all been said. I had it bad 3 months off work . It is 100% tms .
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