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Pelvic Pain.

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Vladan, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Vladan

    Vladan Peer Supporter

    My english is not that good but i will try to do my best to describe my symptoms.It all started when i was moving things around with my friend and he was talking about his friend how he lifted something heavy and got his testicle broken or something like that.
    Later that night i was with my gf and all went fine i didnt had pain or anything,but after some time i tried to move my bed and i felt sharp pain in my left testicle and left leg.went to doc diagnosed my with epidimitys gave me antibiotics and stress me about that he thinks that my testicle is not functioning properly and that after treatment he will consider to "remove it' thats how he told me,he was even considering that i have sometthing there weird 'normally i thought it's some sort of cancer or something' since its delicate place.I panicked,got stressed,fear overcome me,i went to do Ultrasound of it all went fine. after abx my pain went away.for like a 10 days i was pain free,my gf traveled to me (she lives pretty far away for some time) and we are seeing eachother like once in a month,she was there 2 days and after she left i noticed some pain in my hip,like in upper buttock. i thought it's just some normal inflamation which will go away,but it didnt,after that i got many symptoms,pain in penis,which lasted for 2 days and went away,after some time it came back again,and so on so on,as time went by my fear of all of that was hugee,like depressing,fearfull thoughts,etc,etc.
    After that,pain in penis,testicles went away,and my hip started acting weird,pain in buttocks again,burning sensation in my leg,going all the way to 'toe',some weird pain in my legs,muscles,pain in lower back,you name it..
    right now testicles are not hurting me anymore,penis from time to time,lower back is abit better,but still alot of discomfort.
    In meantime,i did alot of tests and things.
    Blood work,urine test,urine culture,std,MRI which only indicated 'small' changes in l5 s1,tumor markers,everything.
    But what i noticed,every time she was about to leave i kinda got some symptoms.first time it was buttock,leg,burning leg, second time it was penis,testicles. i had no any accidents,injurys in past,what i got from all this is all the time constant worry,very catastrophic thinking,like this will never go away and i will get stuck in this,to mention we are about to get married in few months,and i was in alot of stress last 6months.
    Sorry for long post and bad english,but i really had such a hard time past 3 months and so many symptoms which are driving me crazy.
    All i know to get all this symptoms i need to have a really bad injury or accident to even be close to all of this nightmare,i am really trying to think this is TMS.
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Vladan, and I'm sorry you haven't had any responses to your post, yet. Here's a start - and, welcome to the forum!

    I see that you've been checked out medically, and you have symptoms that come and go and get worse with stress. As you already suspect, this sure sounds like TMS, so I think you have come to the right place. Your English is good enough that you shouldn't have any problem reading the books that we recommend, and you will be able to follow the posts and discussions here.

    If you haven't read any of the books by Dr. John Sarno, that is always our first recommendation, because this wiki site and forum were started in his honor and now his memory. You could read either the Mind Body Prescription, or his last book, The Divided Mind (that's the book I read). Then, you can start doing our SEP - the Structured Educational Program, which was designed by some of the early founders and volunteers of this site. It's free and easy to follow. It just asks you to do some reading or viewing and to try a different exercises (usually writing) each day.

    Also, I recommend that you read at least one post in our Success Stories subforum each day. Each story has a description of what worked for that individual. Everyone's story is different, and what works for each person is also a little bit different. You will also find some stories from people (guys) who have similar symptoms to yours, and that should give you hope.

    There is every good reason for you to have hope!

    Good luck,

  3. Vladan

    Vladan Peer Supporter

    Already started it.
    Some things improved,but new symptoms came :)
    Now i get tingling in my body:)
    This thing is getting funny,i am not even mad about in anymore or care about which seems like its working

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