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Pain right side of my back, I think it's from TMS, HELP!

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by sanbenito, Jun 6, 2020.


Anxiety from poor nutrition and back pain

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  1. sanbenito

    sanbenito New Member

    Dear friends, good morning to you I wanted to ask you in particular about a complex issue

    I wanted to consult him, since I cannot solve this problem .... stress due to calorie restriction can cause pain in my body, since I lost a lot of weight I have come with pain that I cannot identify with MRI or anything , massages do not work, nothing at all but my discomfort continues, could it be due to lack of calories or low weight? I have been with these discomforts for 2 years, I had eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, I do sports I always move but I wanted to know if the lack of weight in my body can cause that, if it causes anxiety and with them are my symptoms in my back, I do not know if it has to do with food or not ... but it is something that I cannot decipher. I have seen doctors, performed acupuncture and nothing works .... my discomfort is there

    the symptoms of my back are always on the right side, low area, the doctors checked me and there is nothing wrong with my lumbar, everything is perfect but my pain is still there. restricting my body from calories can cause anxiety and with it pain? This pain appeared in December 2017 and I am still with it.

    I attach pictures so you can see where my pain is. Thanks for your help. I expect a prompt response. I have read the books on J. Sarno, I practice sports, meditation and write in a newspaper every day. But I still haven't resolved my symptoms.


  2. Northwood

    Northwood Well known member

    Hi, Sanbenito, Just going on what you've reported, your symptoms SOUND like TMS. I don't know that diet would cause the symptoms but rather (as Sarno says) it may be something going on with repressed emotions. As long as you know nothing more serious is going on, have you used other parts of this site to try some structured approaches to address your symptom and explore what's going on in your life emotionally (at a really deep level)? An easy way into this is Alan Gordon's Pain Recovery Program (link on main page of this site). Lots of good comments from members follow each of the 21 short sessions. Best wishes to you!
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  3. sanbenito

    sanbenito New Member

    I thank you for responding friend.
    If I did your 21 day program but still have not managed to heal the symptoms.

    I think food doesn't cause a problem. But in reality what causes stress and anxiety is dieting and banning calories, that stress and that pressure to want to regain my lost weight was what generated all the tension in my back.

    I weighed 73kg then to follow fad diets I lost kilos and was 60kg and then I began to want to regain all the weight lost, but I could never do it. I have 2 years with a lot of stress for it and even following diets.

    Do you think I should start eating more, not follow any diet, try new foods and with it my physical pain will go away? My pain allows me to train, work and have a normal life. It is not a pain that paralyzes me, but it is a dull pain that lives with me.

    my doubt is the anxiety generated by wanting to eat and not doing it, can it generate all my chronic physical symptoms?

    What should I do to eat more?

    I must eat all kinds of food to recover.

    Sometimes I think that if I returned to my normal weight all my physical pain would go away. but I'm not sure about it, fear can also generate my physical pain
  4. Northwood

    Northwood Well known member

    Have you examined your feelings behind what weighing a certain amount means to you? Often, our physical appearance MEANS something to us, and if we don't like what it MEANS we can suffer, sometimes in ways we're not fully aware of. For example, I'm 61, getting old, and parts of my body don't LOOK (and perform) the way I want them to. And it bums me out and, yes, enrages me because of the limitations I both experience and anticipate. Anyway, regarding eating, it sounds like there is a conflict in you between what you want to do and what you believe you should do. I wonder if examining that conflict, maybe by writing about it, might reveal a deeper understanding of the problem and help give you a sense of what you need to do. Along the lines of something Baseball65 said in one of his posts (he's a good one to follow) ask yourself the right questions, seek the right questions (inquiries)--and the answers will take care of themselves.

    I can appreciate the dull pain you are "living" with. I have a similar symptom. I do think it is TMS (in my case). I haven't come into a quick and enduring fix, but I've had successes following guidance on this site and reading Sarno and related literature. Reading success stories on this site helps. My own way of coping with this is to keep rededicating myself to following Sarno's counsel and trust that I'll get there. I hope something in what I've shared here is helpful to you.
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  5. sanbenito

    sanbenito New Member

    if I have examined my feelings
    For example, I get up and my mind tells me to eat oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, but I end up having coffee for breakfast.
    How should I see it? it's something bad? Because my mind and mind tell me to eat oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, but my autopilot makes me eat coffee. Does that create tension in my body?

    I feel unhappy with my body and my weight, in my fight to regain my weight I have generated a lot of stress in my body.

    Now I am trying to regain my lost weight, but I want to do it more calmly without generating stress and stress on my body.

    Any suggestion for it?

    Do you think I should do what my mind tells me and that will heal my pain?

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