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pain is changing

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by grama58, Jan 31, 2021.

  1. grama58

    grama58 Newcomer

    Well, it has been a little over a week since I began the structured program. I have been learning about TMS for over a year and after going back and forth between various treatments such as Curable and Journalspeak, I decided to just focus on one, the Structured program on this website. I have to say, my pain in my hip/knee and groin is better and different. Each day this past week, I noticed that it changed. Some days, it hurt a little worse at various times during the day. It's hard not to monitor it so much since it only hurts when I walk. So as soon as I get up off the couch or out of the car, I notice it and think about it. But today, I took an hour long walk with my family. I rested on a bench about half way through but it felt better than it has all week. I wasn't limping. Then got in the car for the five minute drive home and when I got out of the car, the usual groin pain and had to limp into the house but I told myself that I just had a great walk and it was fun and felt pretty good so YAY for that. It felt better once I was walking around the house, as it usually does. I'm feeling very hopeful. I know it is TMS. No more doubts.
  2. birdsetfree

    birdsetfree Well known member

    You are collecting evidence that will serve you well through this journey. You have made a firm decision to believe in the psychological nature of your chronic symptoms and this conviction will support your recovery greatly. Well done!
  3. Hedger

    Hedger Well known member

    Wow, good for you!

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