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Day 15 Pain in the throat is a pain in the butt

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by yvettemariabetancourt, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. yvettemariabetancourt

    yvettemariabetancourt Peer Supporter

    My back has been feeling really healthy. I am back to cardio, stretching b/c I want to, not b/c I have to. It acts up sometimes throughout the day, but I just deal with it and move on. I am still careful, but planning for the future. I am confident my diagnosis is TMS. Too many similarities to everything I read and hear.

    My pain has moved. Interesting enough, it is now manifesting in the nature of a relentless sore throat. The kind that wakes me up in the middle night and is always present, similar to how my back pain worked.. Dr. checked me out and says looks like allergies irritating my throat, nothing serious. I think its is TMS AND allergies. Claritin D is doing wonders in a few days.

    My daughter graduates college in a few days. Another big transition for all of us. Long trip to FL from WY, followed by long trip to Ecuador to celebrate her graduation trip. This is an emotional period for her Dad and I. Our firstborn is going to grad school and braving the world. We have been divorced for 12 years, but have worked hard to be good co-parents. I think in some ways, this is sort of a release for both of us. One down, one to go. The stress of making co parenting work well has not been easy. I have started worrying this great day might be messed up through some unexpected health problem for me. Seems like one fear, follows another. Never saw myself this way, but clearly I am this way.

    Last night, Herbie recommended envisioning just a great graduation day. I am starting to feel confident it will be.

    Thanks TMS wiki for being here.
  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    yvettemariabetancourt, you have a great knowledge on all the pressures. En-vision all well and it will be well. I had some soreness in my mouth about 2 months ago. And I remember I was waking up and thinking how bad is this going to get, then all of the sudden it hit me. Just think it's already better and stop thinking it's only going to get worse and soon, like in 2 weeks my mouth was all better.

    Bless you

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