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Day 20 No Clear Progress? Allergies?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Hiawatha922, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. Hiawatha922

    Hiawatha922 Peer Supporter

    After finishing 20 days on the SEP, I am a bit worried about lack of progress. I still wonder about the role of allergies in all of this.

    In early July (and before), I noticed symptoms of constipation and diarrhea. I took a trip to New Orleans, where I had lived for a number of years, and the constipation/diarrhea symptoms went away (although other physical symptoms remained). Constipation returned upon my return home. This is similar to what happened to me in May. I was experiencing constipation. I went to San Francisco and the symptom went away. It returned when I came back home.

    I know when I was younger, I used to experience something called oral allergy syndrome. During certain seasons, my body would react to foods (like certain types of fresh fruit), cross reacting with pollens in the air. My throat would get very tight, etc. I wonder if my body isn't somehow now reacting to pollens in a different way, causing uncommon body symptoms.

    Now, having finished 20 days on the SEP, my constipation/diarrhea has stabilized in the last few days. But the other symptoms seem to be flaring. My left elbow is very tight and sore (similar to tennis elbow) and my left eye and temple seem much more sensitive (more burning). These symptoms are very familiar: left eye/temple, left arm, left side of back and right leg. I also feel pretty drained of energy.

    It seems like my symptoms are greatly influenced by time of year and weather changes.

    I know that allergies are likely mixed in with the various emotional and psychological experiences I've encountered in my life, particularly in childhood. Overcoming these "allergic" overreactions seems so difficult. I am now journaling regularly and also getting allergy shots. So far, nothing has improved the symptoms.

    I am scheduled to see Dr. Hoffman in Minnesota later this week. I look forward to receiving more input on all of this.

    One additional thought. I know my tendency is to want to "figure things out". Like really focus, with intensity. Again, I'm sure this is connected to my personality and childhood history. And I don't think it's really helpful here. It's interesting with TMS. I want to bring to attention some things that I may have ignored but I don't want to focus on (or cling to) the idea that something is wrong. I believe that if my life contained more fulfillment and I were able to let go of some past hurts, I would be well on the road to healing.
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