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Newbie with chronic pelvic/sciatica pain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Avy, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Avy

    Avy New Member

    Hi everyone!

    First I wanna say sorry for my sloppy English since it is my second language.

    I finally collected some courage to write something. I've been dealing with so much pain for the last two years, but I had different and mysterious pain actually my whole life. I have pelvic pain and burning, sciatica pain, tinnitus, GERB, knee pain, shoulder pain, burning pain in different parts of my body, anxiety, depression etc..There are 2 surgeries behind me and I't did some good but I realized that my main issue is TMS, at least I believe this is it.

    I'll try to keep my story short :) I've been through so much stress in my life and it doesn't surprise me that I developed so many problems. I've known for of mind/body syndrome awhile, when my pelvic pain started 2 years ago ( I read a lot of Abigail Steidley advices ) but I just couldn't wrap my mind around it since they actually found something (inguinal hernias pressing nerves). Since then they also found FAI hip and labral tear, but the doctors were confused how much pain I had and most of them told me that the operation wouldn't help me. Something was telling me that the hip can't be the one to blame on pelvic/sciatica pain but then what was causing so much problems?

    After the second surgery my life was beginning to actually move forward. The pain was mostly bearable until this Christmas . I woke up on Christmas day and realized my bladder was in spasm and that I had to go to bathroom a lot more than usual. I panicked what was happening because the same thing started 2 years ago around Christmas . First I thought that I had bladder infection, but what a surprise all tests were clear. Then I accused it on my phsyical therapy that I started weeks before for my hip and that it was a bad reaction to it. For almost a month I had so much pain and pressure on my bladder. Then something else happened - pain stopped. For a few days I was fine but then I started to have so much psoas pain that would go to my low back and my core/iliacus hurt so much. My hip started to hurt and my back pain was at it's worst and I couldn't walk. I didn't get out of the bed for a week. My pain then stared to move around - back, abdomen - pelvic area- hip- knee. I know I was started to think - Oh my God, did I make something worse on my operated groins? Or was it hip, yes my hip must be the one because I don't know why would everything hurt so much. Or am I going crazy? I started to panic and I was sending again my hip medical findings to different doctors. I was convinced that I have to operate it so that the pain could go away. At least, this is what I was thinking until I talked to one girl that had hip operations.

    She kinda shook me up with her story - her biggest problem was TMS! We had so much similar symptoms and she recommended me dr. Sarno book - Healing back pain. When I read it I thought it was like he was talking about me, I completely found myself in that book. I started the Structured educational program and I'm on day 14. My horrible psoas and back pain is mostly gone. I started to walk my dog again and my hip doesn't hurt so much. I believe that this is a progress.

    But biggest problem for me is the pelvic burning which didn't change. I started to notice that my pain worsens with my anxiety or when I'm thinking a lot about it. I read success story by Ezer ( thank you for your detailed story and helpful tips) and I focused on my emotions. The problem is that I find it hard to connect to them. I really do believe that this problems can be dealt with a lot of work, but I get lost sometimes. My pelvic pain started when my mother got very sick and mostly all others problems I can connect to some stressful periods in my life.

    I'm only 26 years old and I want my life back. I put college, my relationship, my whole life on hold because of this pain. I wanna fight back but sometimes I find myself confused how to do things properly or discover what repressed emotions are causing my pain. Any kind of advice or thoughts what help you get through the pain until it resolved would be appreciated. Thank you for reading this thread and I'm wishing everybody the best!
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  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Avy. Your English is fine. Excellent, in fact. I strongly suggest you start the Structured Educational Program, free in the subforum of this web site. It will guide you gently through steps toward healing your pain and ending anxiety by helping you to discover the emotions causing your pain. It healed me from severe back pain and anxiety and has helped many others, too.

    It looks like you have a strong belief in TMS emotions causing pain. If you haven't yet read Dr. John Sarno's book Healing Back Pain, I hope you will.
    You can get a used copy cheap at amazon.com books, and there are web sites about it and videos on Youtube.

    The crux of his TMS philosophy is in his 12 Daily Reminders in the book. Here they are in a longer version from one of this community who healed from his pains:

    Herbie’s Extended Version of Dr. Sarno’s 12 DAILY REMINDERS

    1. The pain is due to TMS. This is real pain or anxiety but it is caused by subconscious tensions and triggers, stressors and traits to your reactions and fears and also when at boiling point your conscious tension can and does also cause real pain.
    2. The main reason for the pain is mild oxygen deprivation. This means that when you get in pain or anxiety then the blood is restricted from going to your lower back, for instance. The blood being restricted causes oxygen deprivation which causes the pain. Remember, where there is no oxygen then there is pain in the body. Also, the pain stays because of fear.
    3. TMS is a harmless condition caused by my REPRESSED EMOTIONS so even though you think you can harm yourself from the years of pain you have felt and how you feel in general -- so far no reports have been heard from TMS healing knowledge causing damage to anyone, it only helps.
    4. The principle emotion is your repressed ANGER -- this means under your consciousness lies something that happens automatically to everyone. TMSers have repressions that are stored because of our personality traits, traumas, stressors, fears, strain, etc... When these stored repressions build and build, then eventually they cause the brain to send pain into your body to keep you from having an emotional crises. The mind-body thinks it is helping you.
    5. TMS exists to DISTRACT your attentions from the emotions, stressors, tensions and strains of your personality traits because if you can get distraction then you won’t have to be in emotional turmoil. When you don't face and feel your emotions and they get repressed because you didn't want to deal with something -- they are just adding up in this beaker, ready to pour over and create real pain and anxiety in your body.
    6. Since my body is perfectly normal, there is nothing to fear. So in reality when I fear the pain or anxiety I just cause myself undo strain and tension adding to the beaker of pain. If I fear, then I feed the pain, If I fear, it’s impossible to recondition. Fear keeps the pain and anxiety alive in the body through focus.
    7. Therefore, physical activity is harmless. If I want to work against the pain I could but it’s better to lose some of the pain so when I start my life over I have to be in pain trying to heal because facing the repressions and all the other activities that cause the pain and reversing my fear and focus to them, then I can heal.
    8. I am resuming all normal physical activity. I don't fear moving anymore. I believe in my body’s ability to heal now. I can move as I want. I will not fear moving with a bent back anymore. I will also practice going out and acting normal again, not in fear of what pain might do to me.
    9. The pain is unimportant and powerless. Its only power is how it is hidden -- its illusion, its fear.
    10. I will keep my attention on the emotional issues. I will think about my emotions and feel my emotions throughout the day. I will not judge, criticize or fear my emotions. I will not run from my emotional issues but face every one of them. I will feel my emotions fully and cry if I need to. Then I will release the emotion and get my mind and thoughts back to my life and living in the present.
    11. I am in control of all of this. This is how I recover.
    12. I will be thinking PSYCHOLOGICALLY AT ALL TIMES. This means I will keep my thoughts on psychological issues like happiness, fear and anger -- traits and triggers, conditioning and journaling -- The science behind mind-body/TMS healing, etc.... This way I will not feed my thoughts to the body -- that is a trick of TMS. TMS will always try to get me to focus on the body caused by the pain until I break its show and flair. When I get my attention off physical symptoms and on to emotional issues and psychological issues then I will not feed the fear of the physical issues anymore, thus making the TMS of no pain effect on the body. This will in return, give us the cure and become pain-free.
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  3. Avy

    Avy New Member

    Thank you Walt for your reply! As I wrote, I read ''Healing back pain'' and I started Structured program (I'm in day 14). These 12 daily reminders are very helpful. I guess I just need to be persistent and I hope I will soon see some improvement with my pelvic pain.
  4. Misha

    Misha Peer Supporter

    Hi Avy,
    I saw your reply to my post on pelvic pain so I thought I would read your story. It's strange how many similar symptoms we have. In addition to the pevlic pain (mostly burning like yours) I also have minor hip, back and knee pain! My pelvic pain is constant but the other pains come and go (and I've had them for years in small ways). For me this really just confirms this is all down to muscles and nothing else. TMS is acting on our pelvic floor and other nearby muscles and causing these pains. I think it is a great sign your pain went away for a couple of days. If there was anything structurally wrong - that couldn't happen!
    Good luck. I hope we can support each other as we heal :)
  5. Avy

    Avy New Member

    Hi Sara!
    Thank you for your reply. My pelvic pain isn't constant (it's daily but the level of pain is different every day), but it get's worse when I start to concentrate on the pain and then the pain appears or the level of pain goes up. I also noticed when I'm going someplace where last time I had pain (I noticed this happened when I was going to the mall shopping - hello TMS), and I can feel in stressful situations that I'm contracting my pelvic floor muscles. I thought that my hips were doing this and I'm glad that I put on hold the surgery because I don't think it would help with pelvic pain. I'm pretty sure that this is it, but I'm afraid that I won't find a way out of this sometimes. I can see the improvement from new symptoms that appeared few months ago, but not on the burning pain for now . Thank you for your support, even though I wouldn't wish anyone this pain, it's nice to know there are other people fighting with pelvic pain on this forum that I can talk to. I wish both of us a complete recovery and soon ;)

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