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New user advice

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by UKRecoveringPerfectionist, Jan 8, 2022.

  1. Hi,
    As the title suggests I'm new to the forum, although I did join early part of last year.

    I'm a classic TMS'er and have been plagued for over 30years now with various pains, symptoms, allergies etc. (I'm 38 now)

    I came across Dr Sarnos work end of 2020 and couldn't believe my recovery!!!!!
    I had previously been through an intense course of Psychotherapy which unearthed a deep repression and the myriad emotions that belonged to a particular set of events from my childhood. Had I not experienced this process I very much doubt I would have taken to the books so positively and the subsequent recovery as quickly.
    I will be forever grateful of Dr Sarno!!!!!!!

    I've recently had a new symptom display itself (legs pain/numbness near the knee when running) I've been making up for lost time and been doing a LOT of running through last year. It's taken me a few months to really appreciate/understand that it's the little bugger in my mind playing it's old tricks. I'm confident I can overcome it soon!
    It's also lead me back to reading and listening to the books (currently rereading Steve O's book).

    One of the problems I've experienced is NO ONE can understand my recovery and there's elements of it I don't want people close to me to know about (mainly events of my childhood) though I feel it will be therapeutic and beneficial to my continued recovery to share with likeminded people.

    So to cut a long post short, would the advice for me be to write my TMS story on my profile page/bio?
    Any other advice for a new user would be appreciated gratefully.

    Thanks in advance to any replies, and best of luck to everyone on their journey

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