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New to TMS

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by hollywood, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. hollywood

    hollywood New Member

    Hello All!

    I am new to the world of TMS but not new to the word of chronic pain.

    I have suffered chronic pain in past in the form of daily migraine headaches. I suffered from these unrelenting headaches for almost two years with no real medical relief. However, it was not for lack of trying, as I traveled all over the east coast in seeing any specialist who could help treat these horrible headaches. All of the practitioners I saw were well intended but could not provide any lasting relief. At some point I said screw and went about my life. I changed jobs and moved, while basically saying I am going to what I wan to do. Then one day these headaches just stopped. I couldn't even remember the day or time. It was just gone.

    Now seven years latter I am struggling again. However, this time I have developed chronic pelvic pain. Unreal!

    As of note, both of these occurrences came about during stressful times in my life.

  2. sheltered

    sheltered Peer Supporter

    Hollywood, you have TMS. Bang! Now you can start working on healing. So much time you have saved yourself going to physiotherapies and such! I had the distinct displeasure of chronic pelvic pain therapies. It's quite comical in hindsight the therapeutic options available for something originating in your head! Definitely don't go down the rabbit hole of researching. You have TMS. Read Sarno and get healing. Good luck for a fast recovery! You've seen it done before with your migraines so I bet you have a quick one.

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