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New to TMS (10 days strong until today)

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by kgoddard, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. kgoddard

    kgoddard New Member

    Yesterday afternoon i started to realize that i was starting be become tense and have headache symtpoms. I became a little fearful of this but had contnued talking to my bairn. I continued with my positive affirmations and continued drilling into my head that this pain was real, but i had caused it myself, and that nothing I ate or did (triggers I have created) was the cause of this. This however did not work and by 2 my pain was distracting my fully. My head was throbbing and I could barely even talk to myself anymore. I knew this was not good and the purpose of the pain. I just wanted it to stop. I was adimint about not taking my mediciation that I would usually take. I tried going about my daily activities when I got home, but the pain was unbearable, I had to lay down. After laying down for about an hour, i got up and tried resuming all normal activies. My fiancee came over and tried helping me remain positive and reminded me how well I had been doing. This helped. He is compltely supportive of this diagnosis and becomes more trusting of it after more days pass and I havent had one. I had gone 10 days without having one before the one yesterday. And to be honest, i started doing the program but stopped after 5 days because i was feeling good and knew what i needed to do to stay well. I definitely dont think the knowledge hurts though to continue learning about it.

    Needless to say I woke up in the middle of the night with my head still pounding and woke up this morning with it really bad as well. IT was acutally making me feel sick (dizzy and naseous). VERY distracting. I continued trying to talk to my brain and remain positive. Anyone who gets migraines knows how hard it is to focus on anything in the middle of your head throbbing. I decided to finally take my medicaiton around 10 and woke up around 12 with it feeling a little better. I am really mad at myself for doing this but i was unsure what else to do. I feel defeated. I know i caused this pain. What could I have done differently?

    I completely beleive in this process. I am starting to think this on was self induced becuase I was about to start my cycle. I am used to always get them around my time of month, before during and after, mainly becuase doctors attribute mgiraines to mainly females and attribute it to your cycle. All I can think is that I was thinking about that and how, in the past, this has been a trigger for me.
  2. yb44

    yb44 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Migraine TMS symptoms are a great distraction aren't they? As if the pain wasn't enough you also get sickness, dizziness and in my case an inability to focus, process information and speak clearly. I haven't totally eradicated this from my life but I no longer allow migraine to dictate my life. Many years ago I used to hide in my house all day when I was suffering, too frightened to venture out lest I do something totally asinine and embarrass myself. Now I don't give a damn. I do occasionally take a reliever drug if I have an important meeting - I work with a very vulnerable client group and related professionals so need my wits about me. However most of the time now I don't bother.

    I felt the usual symptoms earlier today. I thought about taking something, then thought 'Nah'. I went about my tasks and ignored the pesky pain. At some point my head cleared. I was too busy to notice exactly when. Fear is what perpetuates symptoms of all kinds. Consider what you fear beyond the actual symptoms.

    Try not to beat yourself up if you do take a reliever drug. You know your limits. As you progress you will feel less fearful and able to push those limits. There is no rush, no time constraints.
  3. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi kgoddard,

    I had migraines for over 50 years, sometimes as many as 15 per month, and now have been completely free of them for 6 months. I also stopped taking the beta blocker for prevention that I took for 18 years about 4 months ago. However, it took me about 9 months of using TMS healing techniques to reach that point. Sometimes it can take awhile, so be patient and hang in there. You can get rid of your migraines.

    When I was working on getting rid of mine, occasionally despite all my efforts, I still got a migraine--and I took medication for it. There is no reason to be in pain. TMS healing is about working toward being painfree and one doesn't have to experience pain to get there. Just tell your brain that you realize you haven't quite mastered this whole TMS thing yet, but you're working on it, and you'll get there.

    You're right that you will have to address your conditioned triggers. In my case it was changes in the barometric pressure, though in the past hormone changes were also a trigger. Those migraines triggered by weather changes were the last to go, but I finally overcame the conditioning. Just keep telling your brain that it is only conditioning, that there is no reason why hormonal changes should trigger a migraine, etc.

    Are you doing one of the structured educational programs? If not, I highly recommend that approach. It is good to take it all one day at a time or it can be overwhelming, and we can feel defeated if pain occurs. It's important to practice outcome independence (see Alan Gordon Recovery Program for explanation).

    Welcome to the Forum! Don't get discouraged. You can heal from migraines, but it does take some time and effort for most of us. Keep us posted on how you're doing.
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