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Need your help - Please

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Yehonatan79, May 26, 2019.

  1. Yehonatan79

    Yehonatan79 New Member

    Hi all,

    My name is Jhonathan, Male, 40 years old.

    First, please excuse my English (It is not my mother thong).
    Now for my endless long story (Hope it is not too long).
    I had been using Ritalin LA 40 MG for almost 9 years.

    I must admit I had never been diagnosed for ADHD (I got the perception from my general \ Family doctor) however, the time I used was great in terms of energy, focus and getting things done on tight schedules due to my job as a manager in a code development company.

    To make a long story short, I decided to cut off Ritalin due to a career change of becoming a commercial airline pilot.

    as a fact,Ritalin is illegal to use while fling over US airspace and a candidate must prof no usage for at least 3 months.

    A short visit to the same doctor, telling him about my intention to stop the drug and wondering what might be the withdrawal symptoms.

    He's answer :"Well, you can just stop taking the drug, you might feel tardiness over the first few day but nothing more to expect".

    hearing to his advise, I went home and disposed any Ritalin supply I had and stop taking the drag the very same day.

    The first two weeks I just wanted to sleep. I was awake and out of bed but really feeling asleep.

    at about 3 months since my last dose, extreme symptoms started to emerge :

    Dark depression, anxiety, paranoia, obsessive compulsive, panic attacks, intrusive/obsessive thoughts that tortured me, hopelessness, irrational thinking, brain zaps, intense organic fear, severe inner-body tension that felt like my whole insides were clamped up, sexual dysfunction, severe tension, tremors and pain in the back of my legs and calves, terrible shoulder and upper arm pain, extreme bloating and stomach pain, nausea, dizziness, feeling like my brain was on fire, feeling like a part of my brain was missing, feeling like a bomb had gone off in my head, floating head feeling, body temperature regulation problems – being super-hot or cold, lack of appetite and weight loss, feeling dead, anhedonia, akathisia, mood swings, insomnia, terrible brain fog and inability to think clearly, sensitive vision and hearing.

    As months went on some symptoms disappeared and some new would come.
    At this point I am celebrating 17 months as "Ritalin free" (Using no other drugs).

    Due to my severe symptoms I went through a lot of doctors and did many tests to make sure there are no hidden problems.

    All came back with good results and with doctors answers "You are too young and there is no physical problem with your body. try to reduce your stress and you might want to consider taking anti anxiety pills"

    It was so unhelpful to hear those answers while suffering from a verity of symptoms.

    At the point when I could not get any answers from the doctors, I started my own web research.
    First, I understood that Ritalin is a super powerful drug and WD symptoms are exists.

    things are indeed getting better now then what it was about a year ago but still exists.

    Most disturbing are :

    * Heavy \floating head feeling

    * Neck Muscles tension

    * Lower back pain \ tension

    *Occasional joints pain

    Could it be TMS ?
    Any suggestion for a therapist ? ( I live in Israel but willing to travel to anyplace that might take this monster away)

    Thank you for reading my post!
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Jhonathan,

    Yes, your list of current symptoms sound like TMS or "TMS equivalents." I am happy you've worked through on your own to this point, dealing with the symptoms and worry about them, and have gotten off of a powerful drug.

    The effort, steadfastness you have used to get off the drug, you can now apply to working your own path with TMS practices. Importantly, you'll have to look inside yourself more deeply too, which for many is life-changing.

    We have self-study programs which anyone can use for free, and post responses on the Forum. These include Alan Gordon's program linked above, or the Structured Education Program. Howard Schubiner's Unlearn Your Pain is excellent also, for a few bucks. It is like "therapy in a box" and is all about unlearning your symptoms from the inside out.

    You might find counciling helpful, locally, and use these programs, at the same time, educating your councilor. Many here have done this. Alternatively there are many practitioners listed on the Wiki who can do long distance work by phone or remote video.

    If you're really not convinced you have TMS, and you want a physician consult, you can fly to the US for this, physicians listed in Wiki. You've been cleared by physicians and your symptoms line up with what we consider TMS type, so in this regard you may well be on your way. Part of what you must work with is doubt, fear, medical anxiety. The programs above, and reading Dr. Sarno's work will help with this.

    I hope you find my response encouraging.

    Also, read our success stories subforum. Recommend reading one every day, and you can search for symptoms. Don't read/dwell on postings asking questions or struggling. Not helpful. Read success stories.

    Stop googling symptoms too.

    Andy B
  3. Yehonatan79

    Yehonatan79 New Member

    Many thanks for this long detailed and educated replay.
    I appreciate the time you spent writing it!

    I might need to try and use the free program you suggested however, due to my work I visit the US several times a year.

    Having said that, are there any recommended therapists in NYC area?
  4. Ruby_

    Ruby_ New Member

    Hey Yehonathan,

    Sounds like TMS/ anxiety to me.. Im suffering and suffered from almost the same Symptoms, and others and also with my case no doc found anything wrong with my Health.
    I would suggest to you to read balto's Story in the success Forum. And also Maybe to read following books : Which were/are extremly helpful to me > Hope and help for your nerves - by Dr Claire Weekes
    and At Last a Life - by Paul David. then you will get a good understanding of what is going on. Of Course also the Things that Andy mentioned would be good. :)

    btw I also studied in Israel for 4 years. It was a great time - there I was anxiety free.. You are lucky to live there. And I think the Docs in Israel are very good..:cat:

    YOu can also read my Story in the General discussion Forum, then you'll know how similar some of our Symptoms are..

    Anyways as Im struggeling alot bymyself I hope that I Maybe helped you somehow! Wish u all the best.
  5. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Look at the practitioners list on the wiki, by state. Read them carefully. Some were trained by Dr. Sarno.
  6. Yehonatan79

    Yehonatan79 New Member

    Thanks !
  7. Yehonatan79

    Yehonatan79 New Member

    Hi Ruby,

    After almost 18 month of wired pains and tardiness, I tend to agree with you.
    it is defiantly something going on in out thought \ head....
    The bug question or challenge ? is how you control this evil cycle of pain<>fear.....

    I have also read your story (Found it finally:) and indeed it seems like we share simular symptoms.

    Let hope for the best...
    At this point I am trying to fight my fear until it hopefully take away my pain one day ....
    Would love to have your support !
  8. Scytaic

    Scytaic Peer Supporter

    Hey, how are you doing now? Did your akathesia get better? :)

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