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My TMS Success Story (crippling foot pain - plantar fasciitis, wrist pain, eye pain)

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by AnitaV, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. Anshushakti

    Anshushakti New Member

    Great story.. impressed with your patience..Dr Sarno says a rough idea about 6 weeks and people start watching calendar... You have mentioned about January to Jun...I can't write essays about my emotions. I start writing it and end up with a summary kind of stuffs... I understand its very necessary to write as much as you can..You need to express each and every bit. But somehow i can;t write up to that level of depth..Can you please suggest
  2. AnitaV

    AnitaV Well known member

    I'm so sorry for the delay in my reply Anna, I didn't get a notification about your post for some reason!

    Based on my own experience, I'm sure that the cause of your pain is TMS and not anything physical. You may even have visible physical manifestations (I had swelling show up on MRI), but that doesn't make a difference, it is still TMS.

    Read and re-read Dr. Sarno's books and success stories so that you understand how TMS works, and understand how your symptoms fit in to TMS. Repetition is important for rewiring your brain, so carefully reading the books over and over again and thinking about them is important.

    At the same time, you need to find out what emotions you are repressing, and understand why and when you repress emotions in the first place. If you can see a psychologist for psychoanalysis, that would be great, that is what I did and it made incredible changes in my life. Skyping with a psychologist who is familiar with TMS is a great idea. But with the psychologist, the most important thing is to discover your repressed emotions, and understand why you repress emotions.

    Don't get discouraged if it takes a long time, there is no timeline for recovery from TMS. And expect your pain to get worse and jump all over the place before it goes away, that is totally normal, that is your brain trying its hardest to distract you from your emotions!

    I hope this is helpful! How are you feeling now?

  3. AnitaV

    AnitaV Well known member

    I don't think there is any timeline, everyone is different, and we all carry different emotional baggage that we need to process. Unfortunately I can't give much advice about writing, I didn't write myself, I saw a psychologist and worked through my emotions with him. I'm sure there are people here who wrote a lot as part of their recovery, and they could give you good advice. Can you see a psychologist? It did wonders for to, to discover my repressed emotions, and to discover why I repress emotions.
  4. AnnaSchweitzer

    AnnaSchweitzer Peer Supporter

    I'm actually not doing great my left foot is still hurting like crazy and now I've been having some eye pain in my left eye.... And I have some sort of condition of degeneration in it... So I don't know if that's tms or not. I feel like this is the worst spot to be.... In pain and hopeless. I've been trying to get rid of tms for a long time now and I'm just so tired of fighting and trying... It's an uphill battle. I just feel like I just can't convince myself to completely believe it. So I'm considering going back to a doctor. I've had chronic yeast and bv infections now for almost 2 years. Seriously get so old being in pain and fighting to get out of bed everyday
  5. AnitaV

    AnitaV Well known member

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  6. AnnaSchweitzer

    AnnaSchweitzer Peer Supporter

    Ok so I read your recovery and you are so inspiring! I think this will be a good approach for me. Knowledge and acceptance. My pain has been moving around a lot... My foot (it hasn't moved from there but moves around my foot) my eye, now my neck and sinus areas and headaches have been awful. It's so hard some days to stay positive while fighting the pain. Just ready for that part to be over. But I am encouraged by your words and know that I have a lot of anxiety and sometimes I feel like I'm constantly fighting instead of accepting!
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  7. tgirl

    tgirl Well known member

    Thanks for everything you've written. I know many of us will benefit from your success story, even if it just gives us a glimmer of hope.

    My symptoms are always on my legs, but they move around. I experience a prickly feeling on the skin of my legs, sort of a hypersensitive feeling. Bloody awful. Recently I have developed some pelvic pain. I had pelvic pain many years ago and it just went away. All these strange pains and annoyances can really wear on me. The doctors have tested everything extensively and all tests are negative- can't find a thing wrong. So thinking psychological must be the avenue for me to take.

    Thanks again!
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