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Alan G. My three day experience with TMJ

Discussion in 'Ask a TMS Therapist' started by Alan Gordon LCSW, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. donavanf

    donavanf Well known member

    What I wonder is, IS the popping the result of the tension or the other way around!?
  2. Fabi

    Fabi Well known member

    I believe the popping causes more tension, at least for me. That is why l decided to stop finding tender or painful areas, l think it reinforces the symptom
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  3. donavanf

    donavanf Well known member

    I am CONSTANTLY checking, re-checking, moving things around, stretching, popping, etc...part of my OCD and I know it is reinforcing, but I keep doing it! I'm better than I once was, I am faster at stopping myself, but I still do it. The OCD mind is the TMS mind, but I think the key lies in turning the focus elsewhere. But it seems the more I do that, the more the symptoms YELL, "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!". Like a child throwing a tantrum. I believe Alan Gordon spoke of this, and it is SO true.
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  4. kitkatie124

    kitkatie124 New Member

    The more I poke around at my problem areas the more they hurt after too.
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  5. dede

    dede New Member

    So what's happening now with you? I have intense nerve pain from head neck in my entire trunk. Sounds like you. Has tms helped you?
  6. IceBergs

    IceBergs New Member

    Oh god..... the pops (literally) are the WORST man. I have had this for SO long. My body and I'm sure everyone has odd places that snap, crackle, and pop. Damn now I'm hungry lol. Anyways yeah back on topic, I feel like my mindbody focuses on these areas more than any other places. My knees and thumbs are the mega culprits. I get worked up feel a random click or snap and I'm like what the hell was that then all my attention shifts to that area. What if I have runners knee??? What if I have trigger finger?? what if I can't fix it????? why can't I move this without no friction????? When in reality I'm fine and then I start to hurt. This is how I started TMS. I think It is just a easy target for this and the mouth (TMJ) is by far the worst culprit. Whenever my jaw has problems I go into the but I can't eat that... oh man I had braces twice but my teeth are still ugly.... oh man can braces fix this??? Then in a few days of TMS combat I'm good to go and eating steaks and ribs again (yeah I wish I could afford those LOL) Anyways was just browsing around and struct a chord with me

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