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Day 1 My story so far

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by claire, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. claire

    claire New Member

    I absolutely get the diagnosis 100%. My fibromyalgia disappeared a few days after my husband started reading "Healing Back Pain" to me, then we found this wiki. The fibromyalgia returns when I'm stressed out due to my dyslexia, so triggers for me are people asking me to send e-mails rather than have a 'phone conversation, or when they say I should get someone else to e-mail for me because that makes me feel inadequate.

    We came to this forum because I've had a bad back for a number of years, including surgery this year, none of which has helped.

    My back is stiff, it hasn't really changed with any of the TMS stuff yet. Walking is difficult, and I still can't move my toes, and sneezing really hurts my back.

    The breakthrough, and the barrier, is that I was also diagnosed with Reynaud's a couple of years ago and the medication for this has really helped my circulation and blood flow...but my husband just read the description of the 'disease' to me from Wikipedia and it sounds very similar to what happens in TMS... I sleep with an electric blanket on full even in the summer because I'm so cold.

    I always have an open wound on my lip or chin which I've had for many years. After having my maximum Reynaud's prescription is has got a lot better. I've seen doctors and Dermatologists and they have no idea what causes it.

    I get headaches which come on instantly.

    So my intention is that going through this work will fix my fibromyalgia, back, headaches, Reynaud's and my lip.

    My worries are that I will always be cold (from the Reynaud's) that I will never be able to do anything, being cold makes me miserable.
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  2. Marian

    Marian Peer Supporter

    Reynaud's is known to be TMS, claire, if that helps any. You've been through the ringer... but there's tons of help here. Don't worry about your dyslexia here... everyone is kind and you can go ahead and just spell things any which way. We don't care.

    My struggles in the beginning were to stop focusing on the symptoms and really, seriously start to "think psychological." This helps you get control of the situation, little by little. You've already had tremendous success and I truly believe that you will be warm again!
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  3. claire

    claire New Member

    It means a lot that other people can understand what I'm going through without me feeling embarrassed. Thank you.
  4. alexandra

    alexandra Peer Supporter

    Steven Ozanik wrote on his book about always feeling cold as a TMS symptom. He titled the section of his book shiver me timber I believe.

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