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Day 10 My progress/hurdles

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by NCoutdoors, May 20, 2014.

  1. NCoutdoors

    NCoutdoors New Member

    The structured program suggested that I make a forum post today on my progress, here it is.

    The Good:
    -There are times when the pain seems significantly diminished
    -I find myself thinking about things more psychologically and less physically much of the time
    -I've found it easier to "deactivate" when its time to go to bed. My dreams have been more vivid and have been related to emotional problems that I realize I have and have even included people I have written letters to in my journal.
    -I have swam and run again. Things I hadn't done in a long while. Neither are entirely pain free, but I remind myself of the emotional roots of the pain

    -Though my pain is normally pretty consistent through the day, I'm noticing stresses and triggers that make it more intense.

    -Occasionally, I still think of the pain in a physical sense when it intensifies. I've found this to be the case with certain strokes in swimming.
    -In my reading, I've noticed that several practitioners call for physical exam and diagnosis of TMS as the first step in their program. Have recovered members found this to be a requirement? I've had my back and feet examined by very competent doctors who could find nothing structurally wrong. Do most people recover without an official diagnosis? What if there is no one in my area that can do this?

    Also, I've got some things that I want to do in my life that I've been afraid to take the leap of faith on. I've noticed that I've used my symptoms as an excuse to delay the moves and have wondered if unconsciously I've perpetuated the pain to keep the excuse alive. Thoughts?

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  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello and welcome aboard NCoutdoors, If I we're you I'd make post every chance I could get. The more you post the more you will learn as we guide you along ok.

    This is because at these times you have your mind on other things -- other than the pain or the fear of the pain, in other words your focus is on something beneficial.

    Always stay in the psychological realm, you are doing awesome. My dreams revealed to me many repressions that I was able to release after awakening the next morning. Vivid dreams are healing dreams, very very good.

    This reminding yourself of the emotional roots is thinking psychological. You are doing a superb job for sure.

    When you notice those stresses, right then start to turn them around with thoughts of peace ok. Let peace have her perfect work. The triggers will catch you off guard but as you notice them learn to be at peace with them too ok, bless you.

    This is only conditioning, you will get passed this soon. Stay in peace and gratitude ok. It's often our reactions that create pain so be sure to just be and always be in the now.
    If you have passed the structural test with the competent Drs. Then you are good to go. The tms doctors can lead you and guide you to your destination but you seem to heading that way already.
    Its often trivialities that make us worry. Dr. Abraham Lowe said not to let the trivialities make you flicker ok. Although all is not perfect or even that great at all times in the world around you, never let that inside candle of hope and peace flicker. Your forgiveness and love for yourself and others is healing at all times.:)

    This is what you want to do to be free, go and do what you want to do, if you really believe in your heart you have something to do, do it. This doing, even with the fear will set you free and lead you to a pain free life, this was Dr. Abraham Lowes most prized concept.
  3. NCoutdoors

    NCoutdoors New Member

    Thanks for all of the feedback and encouragement. One question/clarification though... You said that when I notice stresses that trigger pain, to right then start to turn them around with thoughts of peace. Maybe I don't understand what true peace is, but I feel like I was trying to do this in the past and somehow burying the emotions--which causes problems for me. Are you saying to be at peace with the emotions that the stresses cause? Can you clarify? Lately I've been trying to feel the underlying emotions that I've been burying at these times to better understand what is setting off the pain.



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