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Day 8 My Day 8

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by mikegs, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. mikegs

    mikegs New Member

    Day 8 of my TSM treatment and all is well. I cannot believe how simply reading Dr. Sarno's books and others comments has apparently ended the worst parts of 14 years of sometimes debilitating back pain. I was in a somewhat good place before finding Dr. Sarno's work but in the back of my mind was thinking; when is it going to happen again. Now I know it is not going to :)

    I read the first two of Dr Sarno's books before finding this site and was wondering where to go after completing them. This structured educational program is certainly the answer and I cannot wait until I can contribute to others recovery. Now...off to the day's journal.
  2. mikegs

    mikegs New Member

    One other comment. I have shared Dr. Sarno's belief by telling friends with pain syndromes to at least Google Dr. Sarno and spend 20 minutes on the web reading with an open mind. I believe that trying to help others in our same sorts of scenario's (absolute medical proof that there are no underlying physical issues causing the pain) also helps us to reinforce our belief/knowledge of the TMS diagnosis. Best way to learn is to teach? What an awesome feeling when a friend did some research, purchased one of the books, and is now doing better.

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