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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Kalo, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. Kalo

    Kalo Well known member

    Hi All,

    I need your help. I have had so many TMS symptons since my Mom passed away three months ago. At the same time I was accused by my biopolar boss for something I did not do. She couldn't see the honest employee she had on her hands and decieded to fire me. It's too long to explain.

    I was working for a mom and pop tax company and doing four jobs in one becuase they were too cheap to hire extra help.

    Moving on. A month ago I had frequent urination where I was literally going to the bathroom ever 1/2 hour without water in take. My kidneys was also producing more urine as well. I was peeing like a race horse. Fearful of the sympton I went to see my doctor who diagnosed me with overractive bladder but wanted to make sure nothing else was going on. He ordered up a ct scan and everything was fine.

    A week ago, I got fire and all the urinary frequency went away. My friend came down from florida and I was chewing gum like crazy.

    I guess it was out of stress and anger. So a couple of days ago my left jaw got locked. I didn't think anything of it...But FOUR days into it and I can only open my mouth so far. At least I can eat, but, if I open it any wider it won't go...I have had TMJ before, but, this one is scarey.

    I am sick and tired of doctors...I seriously don't want to see a dentist because how can gum chew make my left jaw pop or make it go out of alighnment. I have read stories of people get TMJ surgery that doesn't work for nothing and it had made there sysmptons worst.

    I am trying to think TMS and the only thing that gives me a slight relief is KLONOPIN. I don't want to rely on this because it is addictive.

    So, now I have lost my Mom less then three months, I was unjustified fired from my bi polar boss. I am scared as hell.

    I was thinking of doing the presence process, but, I am just wondering if it will only cause another OBESSION...I am praying I won't have to see a TMJ Specialist as I don't want to go down that road. I keep thinking what is the worst thing that can happen to me...My mouth opens enough to eat...So what...

    Any help would be appreciated....

  2. Mary80

    Mary80 Peer Supporter

    Hello Kalo
    First of all, breathing in and breathing out.. deeply and slowly. You had a lot of trouble and I guess you feel very scared, I'm really sorry about your mom.
    Klonopin is a benzodiazepine, it's a sedative if it is makes you feel any better take it. Now about TMS ..Did you ever read some book...Did you seen any videos?

    I love Doctor Shubiner...He explains clearly and simply
  3. Kalo

    Kalo Well known member

    Thans Mary80,

    Yes, I have seen this video by Dr. Schubiner.

    My left side of my jaw locked while I was chewing gum...This was right after I got my CT scan telling me nothing was wrong with why I was frequently peeing...

    I am trying to treat the TMJ as tms, but, it kind of scares me....

    My symptons switched so fast...

    Thank you for your help..
  4. Mary80

    Mary80 Peer Supporter

    From what I know the jaw that moves does not depend only on the chewing gum by chance you brought a braces on your teeth?
  5. Kalo

    Kalo Well known member

    Hi Mary80,

    I am not understanding your question..

    But, I have read on TMJ.org that mostly woman get TMJ, and they even say surgery mostly never works...At least they are in agreement with mindbody treatment.

    At the time this happened I was chew gum like crazy...

    Though the deeper problem is that I was probably chewing hard down because of ANGER....

    Again, I was fired unjusticefied....I hope that makes sense...

    The same boss who just fired me, gave me a raise four months ago and even attended my Mom's funeral. I am so perplexed at her actions...

  6. HattieNC

    HattieNC Well known member


    I'm sitting here astounded at the similarity of our symptoms and onset. My first experience with TMJ occurred after my mother died in 2011. Two weeks before her death, I had been laid off from a 10 year job that I loved - and thought would last until retirement. I was chewing a lot of gum at the time (didn't know about TMS) and attributed it to that. I also had terrible anxiety and frequent urination. I was going to the bathroom every hour or so during the night.

    Anyone that has not experienced TMJ cannot appreciate how horribly painful and life altering it is, so you have my deepest compassion. My family physician prescribed Klonopin and it helped tremendously! I took two small doses per day for 7 months. After the grieving for my mom began to lessen, and I found a new job, I quit Klonopin cold turkey without any problems at all. In 2014, I developed chronic pain. I see now that anxiety and TMJ were a precursor to what was to come.

    I recently posted some of the TMS processes that I have used to get rid of 80% of my chronic pain symptoms including TMJ. You'll find it under the thread "Hope - for those that take a long time to heal." I'm currently listening to Dr. Shubiner's YouTube videos while I get ready for work in the morning. I love his clear and direct approach. I'm thinking about ordering his book to help me with this last 20% of TMS pain (shoulder and trapezius). I especially like the video that Mary80 posted in this thread. Sending you healing thoughts and hugs.
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  7. Kalo

    Kalo Well known member

    Oh HattieNC, you have made my DAY...I am astounded to at your story. We are a like big time. My frequent urination wasn't at night but in the day. It was scarey as my doc recently checked for ovarian cancer and everything else. THANK GOD my Ct scans came back CLEAN.

    So, I had a friend that just recently visit and in the morning I was chewing gum. Spit it out and started feeling this tightness I have never felt. Well my whole left jaw feels like it went out of alignment and I can't open my mouth all the way. It is a scarey feeling...I know that doctors can't do anything for it. I have even read on TMJ.org that SURGERY fails as well as injections and as they said "less is more"...

    This all happened after my frequent urination left and bam new symptons..

    Klonopin does help somewhat as it loosens my jaw up a little....Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I hope my jaw loosens up cause that is the scariest part....

  8. Mary80

    Mary80 Peer Supporter

    Hi Kalo

    Does your jaw make noise when you open your mouth? or just feel tension?
    I'm sorry but I can know if you're doing some recovery program? Alan Gordon, Dr Shubiner..Did you read Dr. Sarno ? Claire Weekes?
    Fear is the fuel for your pain..The more you are afraid the more your body produces symptoms, more fear brings more pain and then even more fear and all becomes a vicious circle.
  9. Kalo

    Kalo Well known member

    Hi Mary80..

    When I tried to open my mouth it pops on the left side of my jaw...and it doesn't open as wide as it used to...I was thnking of trying the Prescense Process by Michael Brown.

  10. HattieNC

    HattieNC Well known member

    Kalo, I forgot to mention that you should relax your jaw as much as possible. Try putting the front of your tongue between your teeth to getting a feeling for what a relaxed jaw feels like. Or, I copy that slightly opened mouth look that Kristen Stewart from the Twilight movies always has. I practice in the car where no one can see me. Silly, I know. Even though I know the TMJ is TMS, I haven't chewed gum in years since it might trigger a relapse.
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  11. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle



    You've been so much it would be weird if you didn't have some TMS issues brutally and frantically toying with you. Gently focus on your emotions and follow @Mary80's advice to do your best to reduce your fear.

    TMJ was one of my problems (caused by bracing against the pain of trigeminal neuralgia/clenching my teeth in my sleep/whatever...) and is most definitely TMS. It's horrific but is most emphatically TMS so for the love of god don't go down the dental or surgical route.

    I found it responded best to relaxation so I heartily recommend gentle yoga or whatever physical activity you can do and enjoy. It's made much worse by stress and muscular tension so as per standard TMS advice do what you can to calm your sweet self and your emotions.

    It resurfaces when I'm stressed and resolves as life becomes slower and kinder.

    You'll be fine.

    Plum x
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  12. Kalo

    Kalo Well known member

    Thanks HattieNC, I will try to keep my Jaw relaxed as possible....I am not sure if I am clenching at night...As stated this all came on when I chewed gum. I chewed hard because I was angry...

    Thank you PLUM....I agree dental or surgical route isn't the answer. TMJ.org believe or not says the same thing. They do not support splints, injections, or surgery. They also state that lots of people have disc misalignment with no pain...Kind of like people who have back abnormalities with no pain...Sound familiar...

    I am not sure how chewing gum could of locked my left jaw (at least I can open my mouth wide enough to eat) but I guess I was so angry about getting fired (boss has bi polar) that I chewed to spasm....

    Any how I will try my best to relax and not challenge the pain...My biggest mistake was trying to force my mouth to open wider...

    I will do relaxation and try to process my emotions of loosing my Mom only three months ago and now the loss of my job...

    I was also thinking of getting the book Presence Process by Michael Brown...

    Thanks to all who responded..
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
  13. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Remember how opportunistic TMS can be. It often seizes onto totally innocuous activities like chewing gum. It's only trying to protect you from the intensity of grief, loss and anger, all of which are very powerful and overwhelming emotions.

    You will come through this. A better job will come your way. You'll find peace in the memories of your mum, and strength in the ways you did all you could for her. Mostly though my darling, you need to be immensely self-compassionate. Look after yourself. I've not read The Presence Process but I know there is an active thread on here so maybe some of the people on there can share their thoughts on how much it may help you right now. The right book can become a lifesaving guide in our harshest times so it is worth exploring.

    Sending love xxx
  14. Kalo

    Kalo Well known member

    Hi Plum,

    Thanks again for your kindful words.

    I don't mind the pain of the TMJ it's the fact that my jaw won't open all the way like it used too...I won't worry and concentrate on my emotions...

    Thanks again,

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