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Mickel Therapy (particularly for ME/CFS/Fatigue)

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by AMarie, Jul 19, 2022.

  1. AMarie

    AMarie New Member

    I see a few posts asking about Mickel Therapy from years back but no one who actually tried it. I'm now reading elsewhere about many people who have recovered (or gotten dramatically better, if not completely recovered) from Mickel Therapy, and it takes about 5 sessions, it seems. Sounds similar to TMS, in that it's about finding and addressing the root problems, which are emotional. I'm interested in trying it, but I can't find any practitioners in the U.S. (seems to have practitioners, patients with success, and press in the U.K. and Australia).
    Anyone ever tried it? Or know anyone in the Eastern time zone who does it? I think I found one Canadian practitioner online but don't know anything about her!

    And does anyone know any more specific details about it? How long are sessions? What are you doing in the sessions? How much does it generally cost?
    I know my fatigue is TMS, and I have a good therapist right now working through general issues of shame, people-pleasing, perfectionism, fear of judgment and failure, etc -- which are the things leading to my problems. But in the past with my back pain, just recognizing that this was the cause of the pain made the pain go away. Not so with my fatigue, and I need more help.

    Thanks to all!
  2. Saffron

    Saffron Peer Supporter

    As I understand. David stopped the therapy some years ago. But I'm not sure. I'm sorry to say I found it no use at all. I used it over 10 years ago. I'm not sure it "caught on" in America. And now there are many other the same. Reverse therapy was before David. And he was part of it. But they kinda fell out. The books may still be available.
  3. AMarie

    AMarie New Member

    Cool, thanks for your reply. The original book I was able to download for free as a PDF so I'll check it out, but I'm seeing a good therapist right now and need to stick to a routine involving the Curable app or the 30-day program here and go from there, rather than head in a whole new direction! I just happened to see someone in New Zealand on a CFS forum say she's almost fully recovered from her fatigue with Mickel Therapy, so I wanted to figure out what really happens in those sessions. Thanks again.
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