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Welcome newcomers! Here are our forum rules.

Discussion in 'About This Site' started by Forest, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello, everyone and welcome to the TMS Wiki forums!

    Old timers will be familiar with this, but we've had a big influx of newcomers, so I thought now might be a good time to review our rules.

    People often write on here that this is an amazing an special place. What I hear is that it's an environment where they can share some of their deepest fears protected by an anonymous username. However, unlike many anonymous forums, it is a supportive and caring place, where people can feel safe sharing their views, whatever they are.

    To protect wonderful feeling of community, we adhere to the following rules, which are available via the Help link at the top of each page:

    What rules should I follow when posting?
    We try to keep things casual, supportive and friendly here, but there are a couple rules that you should follow. Most people find the rules to be common sense for public supportive discussion about personal and contentious topics. However, I have written them out in some detail here so that when conflicts come up (as they inevitably will), the moderators have guidelines to point back to.
    • When you create a new thread, please give it a descriptive title. (Some terminology: Individual messages are called "posts." Posts by different people are "threaded" together to make a "thread." Each thread has a "title," at the very top, given to it by the person who made the first post in the thread.)
    • Please keep threads on topic. If you come up with a new topic in the middle of a thread, just create a new thread and link to it from the old thread. A moderator can help you move posts over to the new thread.
    • Please be respectful of other people's opinions. When discussing topics that are contentious or when there is a disagreement in the thread, make a special effort to be polite and state your opinion as your opinion rather than fact. If someone is saying something in a thread that you think they shouldn't say and you've already exhausted the process of respectful dialogue, just read another thread. There is space here for everyone.
    • Do not promote conflict. When conflicts arise within a thread, discuss ideas rather than criticizing people. If you have a problem with a forum member, feel free to link to these rules or to contact a moderator. Avoid repetitive or mean-spirited attacks of people in the mindbody community, including authors. Avoid discussing topics, such as politics or religion, that are both contentious and off topic for the forum.
    • Please keep things polite. Choose a respectful style rather than an inflammatory one. If you see someone making a personal attack or an inflammatory post, just ignore it, or, if it is egregious, click the "report" link.
    • The forum is not for advertising. If you intent in making a post is to advertise, before you make a post, you should get in touch with Forest to find out if the post is appropriate. In addition, excess links in posts may be removed because all links in posts by non-staff members are "nofollowed" and cause PageRank to be destroyed. (In other words, excess off-site links hurt everyone.)
    • Work with the moderators. If a moderator gives you an instruction in a thread, follow it. Use common sense and follow the spirit and not just the letter of these rules. Posts that violate the letter or spirit of the rules here may be moved, locked, deleted or edited. Do not attempt to create public drama if you have a concern with how your posts have been moderated. Moderators generously volunteer their time for the benefit of the community, so contact the mods privately (i.e. not in public) with any concerns.
    • Additional guidance can be found by clicking here.
    I hope this makes things clear and I hope you find the site helpful!

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