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Day 3 Last time i did a physical activity

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Edward, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Edward

    Edward Peer Supporter

    Well Iv'e been able to keep up with all the stuff that I like to do. Exercise ( bunch of body weight exercises), guitar, karate and skateboarding. For a long time a cut out all these activities ( aside from body weight exercises) because they were causing me pain. I still get the pain well doing these activities but when it flares up I try to remind myself that my body is perfectly fine and that everything is o.k. Sometimes it will help reduce symptoms. For exercise I'm not the biggest fan of doing it but i love the physical sensation I get after a workout. It feels great. I recently cut down my workout schedule after realizing that there's no need for me to workout to the brink. Karate I enjoy most the time though its the hardest one. My hip bone socket is shaped strangely so i don't have the same flexibility as everyone so there's a few moves and stance which i struggle with and sometimes the pain can become a bit distracting. I'm not to sure how it makes me feel. sometimes insecure when things aren't going right. Sometimes it feels awesome when I'm coming to get something. Skating I love. I'm getting used to my new board which is a bit fatter then my usual so I'm not able to do all the things a used to be able to do as easily. Which a t times can be frustrating. but i don't beat myself up about it to much. After landing a skate trick it feels awesome. Even if I don't i tell myself not to worry. Sometimes I get thoughts saying you got to look good in front of people while skating. Sometimes I believe them sometimes I don't. Sometimes my joints feel sore before i jump on the board. Guitar playing I do ALOT because thats what I am studying. When ever I get the pain in my arms or neck i tell myself I am perfectly all right my body is healthy and strong and theres no need to worry about the tension. Guitar can make me feel super awesome but it can also bring me down. When i'm not performing to my expectations or what i believe to be other peoples expectations I can feel like crap! or if all my hard work is giving me no returns i start to think maybe there is something wrong with me in fact this is the case in a lot of things that I do.When things are easy and I love guitar and its fun. but when its not working it can be frustrating. Lately its been pretty good cause it hasn't been to hard for me to understand what I am doing. When i make mistakes I do tell myself that is completely all right and that its a really good thing to make mistakes. I may not do it all the time but i do remind myself the aim of the game is not to be perfect and who cares about that where just jamming!
  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Sounds like your working it out, I too love guitar
    Played for a long time now.
    I play a lot better when on purpose I don't think about other people
    or if im going to mess up- Try not to think when your playing
    Your fingers will move better.

    You mentioned worries so soothing is great for this issue
    Check out my new post. if this lady doesn't stop the worries
    Well you let me know.

  3. Edward

    Edward Peer Supporter

    Hey man cheers for the link. Had a listen today. Really inspiring stuff. Though quite challenging! Today i decided to not change how I feel in relation to how I expect myself to act around others (i.e friendly and chirpy etc) just kinda acted how I felt which wasn't great lol! Kinda felt a bit of a dick cause I wasn't acting friendly and cheerful. but it wasn't until later on this evening that I become fully aware of my despair...at least momentarily. it was my sisters 21st and my aunty emposes some crazy food restrictions on my cousins and they seem to be coming in and out of hospital and showing hardcore signs of TMS and I was thinking I would really love to give her my divided mind book by Sarno. Anyways then a thought popped into my head...how can you help these guys if you can't help yourself you guys are all going to wind up failing and I was like boom there it is! Its crazy I produce ALOT of thoughts. In terms of advice on TMS I am almost constantly thinking about it and whether or not I am approaching my TMS in the right manner. I guess after listening to those recordings you posted me i am thinking bring on those feelings of uncertainty, that tight pain anxiety etc so i can deal with it. Although sometimes i can become easily fooled and loose hope quickly. Anyways thank you for your reply :) haha p.s yea when i find myself not caring too much all of a sudden things look more hopeful
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  4. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Edward- I guess after listening to those recordings you posted me i am thinking bring on those feelings of uncertainty, that tight pain anxiety etc. so I can deal with it. Although sometimes i can become easily fooled and loose hope quickly. Anyways thank you for your reply :) ha-ha p.s yea when i find myself not caring too much all of a sudden things look more hopeful

    Eric- Edward let all this wisdom carry out over time and saturate into your being.
    Be wise to practice Weekes words of wisdom when you feel anxiety ok.
    Learn her techniques well, they will be a gold mind in time to come.

    Practice meditations such as mindfulness to help soothe the critic-
    or id part of your unconscious- in other words there's a voice telling you
    you cant do this or that right, well Then soothe and go forth with your agendas.

    The inner Critic and inner bully you'll hear about in Alan's program has a way of
    calming down after practiced meditations and visualizations.
    Just knowing its happening also has a powerful effect.

    See yourself doing what you want most and actually feeling the completion and hope of it
    Your a wise person to know all you know, stay course Edward- there might be a setback
    but that's just a set-up to recovery.

    Yes when we loose that focus on the issue whatever it might be,
    we loose the anxiety or pain pretty quickly.

    You are a natural in this knowledge, stay course-
    God Bless...
  5. Edward

    Edward Peer Supporter

    Legend cheers Eric : ) Yep I'll checkout that stuff about mindfulness. Been practicing it over the last few days. Trying to acknowledge and accept my thoughts as if they were my own children. Not always easy to keep up with though because your mind can move so fast. Feelings are also hard to register as you may feel something at the time but you don't really recognize it because your to busy or accepting those types of feelings just feels so unnatural. Had a bit of a random episode today. Was watching Iron man 3 (epic film by the way) and I was feeling pain and a bit of guilt for being a "slob" sitting on the couch watching movies eating icecream although I had work to do. I was giving the love to my feelings and thoughts and trying to keep up in sending out the love to my pain knowing that its all right to too what I was doing. Then an epic fight scene came up between Iron Man and the baddie and I just realized my whole life I have been trying to fight away this pain and that pain is not a villan that needs to be fought off and killed.Then for a we while the pain disappeared.
  6. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Your on a new level now Edward, Those last two sentences show you are being mindful.
    And the love - understanding to love who you are faults and all is beyond measure.
    We don't have to fight it in an uncaring way, its called the good fight for a reason.
    I believe you just discovered an answer through that good fight.
    Keep us updated and stay the direction your in.
  7. Edward

    Edward Peer Supporter

    epic cheers Herbie :)
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