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Day 3 Just starting - intellectually convinced but still unsure..

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by danoo, May 4, 2013.

  1. danoo

    danoo New Member

    discovered Dr Sarno while in the middle of a migraine -in desparation i googled migraine free diet i think and this time Dr Sarno somehow came up so i read and it makes sense that my 20 year IBS and 6 year endless headaches - not to forget the mild hernia and backache that have been my lot are very much emotionally induced as i am EXTREMELY driven in the field of success and intelectual studying and memorising (thats what is popular here) and EXTREMELY reticenet about showing emotions atall and am full of resentments - much effort consists of trying to subsist on only salads to avoid headaches - yet when i was younger 0-25 i ate anything and everything and had great physical fintess and spirit - not any more - the downhill did start around mariage time but the seeds were no doubt there before - anyway am on day 3 - hopeful but not yet ready to dare resuming "dangerous" activities such as eating sugary or flower products or doing sports etc

    anyway thanks for letting me post
  2. Leonor

    Leonor Peer Supporter

    That is funny. I do the same thing, I avoid carbs and eat mostly only vegetables, besides meat and fat. I did this diet, kind of paleo, because it should have healed my fibro. After a year it did not and I realized I was emotionally stuck. When I posted my problem one person mentioned Dr. Sarno and that is why I read all his books and I am on this program. I read a lot about paleo and Weston Price and concluded that carbs are actually not a part of our diet, Homo Sapiens, and if I can avoid them I will. If you miss sugar you can always use stevia. I do eat a little bit of rye bread, but do avoid too much carbs. I am aware that most centenaries ate everything in moderation, were very social people and did not dwell on the past, so I am not fanatic about it. I only have to tell you that since starting the diet I never ever had problems with my teeth again, my skin became firmer, my look younger and it is amazing, but it is a very difficult and strict diet.

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