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just joined today

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by heleng, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    Hi all

    I think I have TMS. I have problems with pain that moves around my body. I take time to look after myself and do some yoga and look after myself better then I think I am ok and feel no pain and then life goes on and all of a sudden I am back to having pain in my back, upper or lower or both, buttocks and shoulder and neck and when it hits its peak pain in legs and arms and a feeling of soreness

    I get very scared sometimes then do some good stuff, the pain goes and then I feel hopeful but it rarely lasts more than a few weeks. I am annoyed with myself and anxious and feel I cannot just trust my body. The pain moves around and if i am busy with stuff its sort of okay but its when I am home and alone and sitting down I feel myself tense up and my posture gets very unhealthy. This all started 3 years ago when my partner left me.

    I feel its a stress thing but I often worry its something terrible

    I really want some advice and reassurance


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  2. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member


    you came to the right place, there are plenty of tools here to help and the people on this site care, we are all in the same place. Have you started sep program?
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  3. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    Thanks for replying, I am totally new to all this and not sure what a SEP programme is, sorry but I am just on the start of my journey and in need of some guidance
  4. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Helen, you have the name of the famous "Dr. Sarno example" that is changing the world. I use your name in every lecture.

    You should get a general medical exam to make sure there's nothing dangerous there. Beyond that it's safe to do TMS healing. Your description of your symptoms is common. In the good ole days of yore they called what you described here as "galloping rheumatism." But we know it to be TMS due to the work of the greatest pain doctor ever, Dr. Sarno (old man river).

    If you want to try TMS healing then go gather all the information on it. Learn about it, understand it, then stop learning, and never try to heal. If you have TMS there's nothing wrong with your mind or your body, so there's nothing to "heal." To free yourself you have to un-block every barrier you've put up to wholeness. Becoming whole again is about balance, which appears to have been thrown off by separation anxiety after your partner left. Pain itself emanates from loneliness.

    There's work to do, good luck

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  5. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    No problem have you read Dr Sarno books?
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  6. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    Thank you. I will go and see my doctor but am a bit scared they will find something wrong, although deep down i do feel i am not unwell as the pain is so inconsistent and does come and go and when i am well I am fine. I guess its a huge amount of fear that means I am currently 'stuck'...unable to move forward in any direction.
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  7. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    what kind of pain is it sounds like we have the same thing?
  8. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    I read one about a year ago and I liked what it said but felt unable to full believe that what he was saying was true and felt i needed some kind of therapy like physio or talking to a counsellor. I want to believe but something stops me, if that makes sense
  9. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    Well you need to first get checkout by your dr like Steve said to make sure there is no serious issues then you can move on with a open mind that it is TMS
  10. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    It makes "perfect" sense. Everyone feels that way at first. I have people contact me all the time who read Dr. Sarno years ago and never got better because they couldn't get to full belief, then they came back to his work and healed.

    When you're truly ready to heal you will open up and accept the truth. The first step is admittance like in any obsession.

    If you have TMS, and you try TMS healing, you have to stop everything, all therapy (except counseling), all chiros and physios, etc. Stop it all....and get into your mind like you've never been before.
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  11. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    I get aching pain in my lower back and sometimes my upper back. I get stiff muscles and they feel sore but i never get any type of swelling or hotness in the joints. I get a stiff neck and jaw sometimes, at its worse it feel like aches and pains all over and an inability to relax. Other times i am pain free. I am really supple and do yoga and stretching and have no problems with moving my body and then I seem to be overwhelmed with stress and everything hurts and I struggle. I rarely take painkillers as deep down feel the pain is emotional and not physical. A bad bout of physical pain is mostly accompanied with IBS pain and insomnia. The pain moves around my body often in the same day and can just disappear from one day to the next.
  12. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Looks like separation-rage and TMS. Time to get to work.

    Fly like an eagle.
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  13. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    It sound like tms all the way, but you need to get checkout by a medical doctor before yo can move on.
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  14. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    I love doing yoga as its the only time I feel connected to my body and at one with myself....but I lapse a lot and undo the good work by getting back into the cycle of fear. Is yoga out or is that part of relaxation? I am not seeing a physio or chiro but have in the past and been told I am just too tense and holding myself in a very tense way.
  15. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    agreed. I will try and get an appointment next week when I have a day off
  16. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    this is the start to your healing…god bless
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  17. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    Thank you so much, its such a relief to talk about this
  18. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Helen, welcomea

    You sound like TMS. The litigious nature of society today (a great contributor to why TMS is epidemic in our advanced Western culture ), requires us to warn and admonish you to get a physical workup from a physician to exclude serious structural conditions that need treatment. They could also be due to TMS/karma, but still should be treated symptomatically through the miracles of the modern medical/pharmacal/industrial complex. Although I believe in TMS, I still get quarterly teeth cleanings, dental work and root canals when needed.

    You sure sound like TMS and that you intuitively get it. SteveO, who has written a great TMS tome titled "THE GREAT PAIN DECEPTION" that I highly recommend adding to your TMS reading list, coined a word "tracordification" or the need to be social if I got him right. You have made the connection to the start of your painful dis-ease with the separation from your partner or main squeeze as we call them here in the Golden State--you made a good connection to the dis-connection. SteveO is also a pranayama yoga instructor so he has a lot of wind power :cigar:--get his book so he knows where his next glass of wine is coming from beerbuds. He's diligently working on an audio version which would be great to listen to while commuting and another TMS book, since his editor cut his first book in half and left out all the juicy stuff and TMS dirt- -I can hardly wait for the movie or teleplay adaptation, which hopefully will appear on the Lifetime, Hallmark, Golf, Sci-fi and MTV channels. He hasn't had time to appear on Oprah with all he's doing, but if her producers send a town car to Ohio, and throw in the Presidential Suite at the Waldorf, we could continue with discussions, and that could make it a maybe.

    That's enough flacking for my good buddy SteveO, (spelled Steven Ray Ozanich) and the title of his book if I didn't mention it is : "THE GREAT PAIN DECEPTION : FAULTY MEDICAL ADVICE IS MAKING US WORSE". Back to you Helen of Birmingham, I assume you're in England--although you could be in Alabama too. I've copied the TMS practitioners list from this site who are located in the UK for you. If you're going to get some TMS counseling, you'll get the most bang for your buck, pounds, quids or guineas by getting it from a TMS practitioner. In my opinion most shrinks I've known have NO interest in psychosomatic conditions (I've asked them and tried) and want to ally themselves with white-coats who have no interest whatsoever in it--if they can't "cure" you they can now get a referral fee from a chiroquackter, accupunk, or a pain clinic, many of which they now have in house or just down the hall from them.

    Regarding YOGA, keep doing it, I feel it's complementary to TMS, especially the other seven limbs of it, after preparing the body for introspection through the , asanas. Western Yoga is all about the stretch dancea , but the real deal YOGA includes all the other stuff that YOKES the mind and the body into the MINDBODY.

    There are some TMS meet-up groups in the UK, and if you can't see a TMS practitioner in person phone and skyping can be just as good.

    Cheers and G'luck!


    United Kingdom

    Practitioner Liz DydeLiz Dyde, BACP
    Lifeways Complementary Health Centre

    Available via Phone
    30 Albany Road
    Stratford upon Avon
    CV37 6PG
    Tel: 01789 295890
    Survey Response / Website / Profile Page

    Practitioner Louise LevyLouise Levy
    Louise has a Master's degree in Guidance Counseling and diplomas in both Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Hypno-Psychotherapy (Hypno-CBT). Louise was one of the first practitioners to go through the SIRPA Practitioner Training Programme with Georgie Oldfield, MCSP, and became an Advanced Specialist of Chronic Pain in 2011. She says, “Working as a therapist means I am consulted on a range of conditions affecting the mind and the body. I am particularly passionate about supporting people with TMS and chronic pain as I myself suffered from severe TMS back pain for 12 years.” Louise offers both face to face and telephone consultations.

    Available via Phone
    Lily House
    11/12 The Shrubberies
    George Lane
    South Woodford
    London E18 1BD
    Tel: 020 8530 8888
    Tel: 07984 011429
    Fax: 020 8530 5566
    TMS Wiki Profile / Survey Response / Website / Lily House Website
    Main Wiki Page About Louise Levy
    Insurance Accepted: NHS Complementary Health Registered Therapist (Funding through PCT)

    Toireasa McCann, CABP (Therapist)
    Integrative Body Psychotherapist
    Clinics in London SW2 and NW6
    07789 267171

    Practitioner Georgie OldfieldGeorgina Oldfield, MCSP
    Georgie Oldfield said, "Despite being a Physiotherapist, Dr Sarno's concept and approach was not a surprise to me. For many years prior to coming across this work in 2007 I had been looking for the answer to the many inconsistencies I had been observing with my own patients. I had also already begun to realise that pain often did not appear to be related to the structural problems patients had been diagnosed with. Coming across TMS was an epiphany moment for me and has completely changed my whole understanding and therefore how I work. Having seen the remarkable and often life changing recoveries in my own patients, I am passionate about working with people with TMS/PPD and 100% of my time over the past few years has been developing this work and raising the profile in the UK.

    Since developing SIRPA I continue to work in a clinical role working with people who suffer from TMS/PPD. Although based in Yorkshire I also run regular assessment clinics in London and Bristol. Through SIRPA I also run training courses for other regulated Health Professionals in order to help them integrate this approach into their own work. Our aim is to raise the profile of this work by increasing the awareness of stress illness to the public and Practitioners as well as the Medical world.”(Source)

    Georgie also runs monthly clinics in London.

    A physiotherapist is very similar to a doctor, in that they can make diagnoses and order medical tests. A physiotherapist in the UK is very similar to a Physical Therapist in the United States.

    Available via Phone and Skype
    19 Longley Lane
    Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK
    01484 452500
    Main Wiki Page About Georgie Oldfield

    Survey Response / Q&A Answers / Forum Profile / DVD and CD
    Miracles of Mindbody Medicine article
    Information on the Stress Illness Recovery Practitioner's Association (SIRPA)
    Insurance Accepted: Any plan that covers Physiotherapy costs, except BUPA.


    Lettuce Dance said, "I eventually went to see Georgie Oldfield in Huddersfield in Yorkshire. It was a bit of a slog getting there, but it was well worth it. (Even filling out the pre-appointment assessment on my family, background and past illnesses was very revealing.)

    I visited her in February, and felt an immediate improvement. For me, the fact that she comes from a physiotherapy background, and thoroughly understands the mechanics of one's body, was very helpful.

    I chose to do her programme, which I followed in a fairly informal fashion, as I was bogged down with a big work project at the time. The programme included a series of follow-up appointments, which we did via Skype: these were really good. She went to great lengths to help me. I found her sympathetic and professional."

    Practitioner Jane ParkinsonJane Parkinson, UKCP
    Jane Parkinson is a registered psychoanalytic psychotherapist in the United Kingdom. She trained at the Bowlby Centre and has over twenty years of clinical experience, 7 of those years has involved patients with TMS. In October of 2012, she attended the PPDA Conference: When Stress Causes Pain, where she developed relationships with other TMS practitioners. Parkinson uses an Attachment-based form of psychotherapy that has at its core an understanding of the importance of relationships to human growth and development throughout life. In addition, she works with TMS physician Nick Straiton, and does conduct therapy sessions using Skype.(Source)

    Available via Phone and Skype
    Brighton, United Kingdom, BN1 3RR
    Tel: 01273 739281
    Website / Survey Response
    Insurance Accepted
    : Bupa

    Additional UK Practitioner
    Rachel Stevens

    Nicholas Straiton, MBBS (Physician)
    Dr. Straiton is an English doctor based in Brighton. He says:
    “I am a medical practitioner and registered osteopath who works in the NHS but also has a private practice where I treat patients suffering from musculo-skeletal disorders. For the last ten years I have been working in the NHS for the Back Pain Service at the local hospital. I have always been interested in psychosomatic medicine and a few years ago a psychotherapist colleague introduced me to Dr Sarno's books. His description of the frustration of working in a hospital environment where high tech investigations and treatment strategies fail to alleviate many people suffering from back pain mirrored exactly my own experience . I became fascinated by his approach and eventually went out to New York to sit in at his clinics at the Rusk institute in order to learn first hand the process that he uses to diagnose and treat patients with TMS. This experience was truly valuable and enriching to the degree that I would say that my practice has changed significantly since that time. I believe that many, but not all, of patients suffering with chronic back pain are manifesting emotional distress through a physical symptom and for any long lasting relief to be achieved the factors relevant to this distress need to be recognised and addressed.” (Source)

    Available via Phone
    1, Glover's Yard, 121, Havelock Road
    Brighton, East Sussex BN1 6GN
    01273 540303
    Survey Response / Website
    Insurance Accepted: Most major providers

    Additional UK Practitioner
    Honora Totman
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  19. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    Thanks for all this information, really helpful. I am going to see my GP next week. I know this may sound dumb, but not exactly sure what to say to my doctor. Going in saying I get aches and pains that move around and change and are sometimes really bad and other times non existent sounds a bit odd even to me....I am not sure what tests he will do or indeed what test I should ask for
  20. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    Tell him what you feel be a specific as possible he will probably run blood work and do a physical
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