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Is TMS my fault?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Ab77, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. Ab77

    Ab77 Newcomer

    Had a pain in my groin - looked it up and convinced myself it was ovarian cancer - blood test all clear. Then obsessed on pudendal Facebook page and now have almost ever symptom I have read. I am petrified of the sexual problems and keep thinking thats what I have. This all started at the start of lockdown when I convinced myself the world was coming to an end. Then I had an earache then toothache - tooth removed then pain in groin. I haven't had a day in ten weeks without some kind of symptom which changed from pins and needles heat and sensations all in buttocks and in private area. Every thing I read is doom and gloom and I know I shouldn't but I'm addicted to trying to get better. Is this my fault have I created this situation ?
  2. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    Ab, your only fault is being human. We're going through a new and scary time in history and we go to default settings which are primitive and best for helping with saber tooth tigers. Your brain is trying to keep you safe and is freaked out.

    You have to be more proactive about doing TMS work and soothing your emotional state. Claire Weekes, Alan Gordon, meditation. In a way you take back control by letting go of control. Your peace is like a bird in your hand, you have to hold it lightly, if you squeeze it flies away.

    Having said this, I am having a new symptom and not soothing myself enough yet. As Claire Weekes suggested, face, float, accept and let time pass. If you aren't familiar with her work I recommend looking for her on youtube, her talks are very soothing and can easily be directed to relaxing the system.

    Best of luck, Lizzy
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  3. Ab77

    Ab77 Newcomer

    Thanks Lizzy - I'm off for more tests today but I think they will be clear and a waste of everyone's time. I wish I could get what I have read out of my head as I'm sure I would think I was healing now but instead I just keep getting more symptoms. I started reducing medication yesterday - not sure if I'm doing the right thing but I need to try. Thanks again for responding.
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