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Is the practitioner directory updated periodically?

Discussion in 'About This Site' started by bagofwater, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. bagofwater

    bagofwater Peer Supporter

    I'm wondering if the practitioner directory on the TMS Wiki gets regular updates. There's still only two therapist in San Francisco and they've been listed for several years. The one doc in SF's contact info is out of date (Dr. Parvez Fatteh, MD) I manage to track his practice down, but not with the info on the TMS Wiki site (I couldn't see him btw. He only takes referrals. Also, the person I spoke to at his office hadn't heard of TMS). I can't afford either of the therapists in SF. They cater to the more affluent (than me) only. I keep hoping to see more choices in the directory.
  2. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    If you're looking for a TMS therapist, it's been shown that therapy by phone or skype can be as effective. There are many listed who do that. Nicole Sacks and Steve Ozanich come to mind.

    Haven't heard of any new TMS physicians in the SF Bay Area, which seems pretty shocking for all the woo-woo that's practiced there. You'd think such a vortex for all things alternative would be a breeding ground for TMS practitioners, but NOT! Maybe too many malpractice attorneys and ambulance chasers, in all those high-rise office buildings in the financial district, for docs to deviate from the collective medical/industrial complex meme.

    There's Dr. Bruce Eisendorf in Santa Cruz, but last time I heard his practice was closed to new patients, and there's Dr. Schechter if you want to travel about 400 miles, down to Beverly Hills.

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  3. bagofwater

    bagofwater Peer Supporter

    Oh, I don't seem to get email notifications from this forum :/ Thanks for responding last month TT.

    The online therapists you mention are also more expensive than I can afford. Steve O. is like $250 for 90 mins as I recall. Alan Gordon's Pain Psychology therapist are $120 for 50 mins. I'm wondering if a short program, or a one-time consultation can work. I might be able to afford that, as opposed to a conventional open-ended therapist relationship. Anyone have any opinions on short-term vs. open-ended in terms of TMS symptoms?

    Actually, I think the fact that the Bay Area is so woo-woo may be why there's not more. TMS is the opposite of woo-woo really. Again, I suspect there may be others but they are, for whatever reason, not on the practitioner list. It doesn't seem like it gets updated.
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  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    TMS practitioners need to contact us in order to get included on our list. Please urge anyone you know who practices from a TMS perspective to email us and we will discuss with them what they need to do to be included in the list.

    As far as updating the list to remove practitioners who no longer accept clients or no longer use a TMS perspective, that is a big job that may be beyond the time commitment the volunteers who assist with this site are able to commit to. It is helpful when Forum members post their personal experience when they attempt to access the services of someone on the practitioner list.
  5. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes! Dr. Sarno says that very few people on the planet will accept TMS/psychosomatic causality as the source of their pain, and he would carefully screen out those whose time and money would be wasted pursing his program. I would think physicians and therapists would even have less of a stake in the TMS route as it was seriously limit their incomes.

    It would be helpful if those who recover with the help of a TMS physician or practitioner would report their results back here. I don't feel there are a lot of TMS practitioners out there who aren't listed here but hope I'm wrong.
  6. bagofwater

    bagofwater Peer Supporter

    Well, I can report that in the Bay Area both the psychologists listed are active TMS practitioners. I saw Katy Wray for awhile and she’s excellent, but I can’t afford her. Dr. Clark accepts few sliding scale clients and his lowest rate would be close to 20% of my gross income. Dr. Wray has a professional relationship with Dr Parvev so I believe he’s still on board, but there’s no way contact him with the info on the p list.

    I often wonder if there’s more around that aren’t listed. The additional knowledge and skills a therapist would need seems minimal.

    I’m actually thinking about an ISO add on Craigslist.
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  7. Timbercat

    Timbercat Well known member

  8. Timbercat

    Timbercat Well known member

    I can appreciate your frustration trying to locate a TMS practitioner. I live in Ohio and tried unsuccessfully to get an appointment with Dr Zafirides in Columbus, Ohio. All I got was a recording and no return call. I was desperate for some help so I called the Pain Psychology Center in Beverly Hills and a therapist called me back within 24 hr. I cannot afford the fee for the therapist which she said starts at $ 120.00/ session, however there is an option to skype with an intern @ $65.00/session so my first appointment is Monday. Maybe that would be an option for you. You could give them a call and see if it sounds right for you. I know some members have reported good experiences working with PCC interns.
  9. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi bagofwater,
    I pm'd you about this. I might be able to help in an affordable way, or brainstorm some ideas...I'm not in Bay Area, however. And not a therapist.
    Andy B
  10. bagofwater

    bagofwater Peer Supporter

    Thanks, Andy. I emailed you.

    Timbercat, I didn't know the PPC offered intern sessions. That might be an option. Let us know how it goes Monday. Thx!

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