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Introduction - TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by tmann1009, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. tmann1009

    tmann1009 New Member

    so I figured I would give a little background about my story and maybe get some feedback from others and what they think.
    In April I moved from Canada to USA to be with my spouse, leaving my parents and family behind. In the third week of April there were some family issues back home in Canada which I was stressed about. I back started to get sore which I thought was cause of gym. Did deadlift a few days after and back got really really bad. Which led to bad sciatica pain and drop foot. MRI stated 13 MM herniated disc L5 S1 pinched nerve. Surgeon said if I could take the pain then I shouldn't do surgery.
    In the last eight month it started to get better but I had a relapse last month. Back pain and more foot tingling and numbness. I took Anti inflammatoried and then I came across John Sarnos book, healing back pain. It was crazy how every page talk about me. Fear, anger, repressed emotions.
    Before the move I've had shoulder pain, neck pain, pain near heart area (did all the heart tests and they said nothing was wrong) and chronic back pain.
    - my childhood wasn't the best. Lived in an extended controlling family where I couldn't do anything (hang out with friends, etc)
    -dad passed away when I was 7
    -the whole move from Canada to USA. I really missed my mom and felt I just abandoned here :/

    List goes on about all the emotions I have that I don't talk about all the time.

    I feel that TMS definitely can be an issue. My shoulder area and neck area is so tender and painful to touch. Just drove two hours and my pain moved to my neck/shoulder area. I've always just felt that this pain is because of driving or normal daily pains.

    Currently my biggest pain area is my lower back and left leg sciatica (numbers of toe, tingling of foot and spasms of calf and hamstrings). I really am believing I have TMS and just ordered the great pain deception, hopefully it's even more insightful.

    Well thanks for reading. Just wanted to share my story.
  2. Susan1111

    Susan1111 Well known member

    Hi tmann welcome to the USA and the Forum. You have certainly come to the right place for support.

    It sounds like a lot of emotional turmoil... The move alone would have me in a frenzy!
    If the books don't help there are programs on the site for free. Structured Education Program and there is also Alan Gordon which is unstructured. Take a look. Read sucess stoies. Perhaps you want to consider speaking to a therapist to help you sought through all your current and especially past emotions.

    TMS is a journey and there is no one way to cure. We are all different. Whatever way you choose you will be supported.

    Warmly, Susan

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