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Idiopathic Postprandial Syndrome

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by shesjustoff, Jan 12, 2022.

  1. shesjustoff

    shesjustoff Newcomer

    Hello to all TMS community and thank you in advance if you read this.

    I'm 34 yo female. Two years ago, after having my second daughter (totally hassle-free pregnancy and labor), I started experiencing some weird symptoms.
    Ok... maybe I had them before from time to time, but they were never that severe and persistent. Anyway, first I started to be constantly hungry. Like I had days when no matter what and how much I've eaten, I still felt this stubborn emptiness in my stomach. I was breastfeeding back then so I wasn't very concerned. In the meantime second problem started - lightheadness and brain fog after meals. At the beginning it was only after breakfast, but with time it extended to all of the meals (yet the worst are still breakfasts).
    After half a year I stopped breastfeeding and decided to take some care of myself. I asked for help with my baby daughter to get more sleep, took some vitamins, introduced mild exercises. All in hope that I only need to rest a bit to be back on track. But... symptoms persisted and actually got worse. I started to get hypoglycemia symptoms 2-3 hours after meal. Yet, meals weren't giving me 100% relief, I was just replacing hunger with lightheadness. Sometimes it even was that eating a meal made my emptiness feeling worse. I could feel empty and full at the same time, it by no means was increased appetite, usually i had to force myself to eat. There were often also some additional symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, mild nausea... but still the worse was panicky hunger and feeling so off after the meal.
    I started my trips to doctors offices. First thing that was suspected was hypoglycemia, but my sugar and insulin was normal. I was testing with glucometer like crazy (my poor sore fingertips) and it was never too low (or too high). Also, I experienced one hypo episode in the past and when Im comparing it with what I feel now its not the same. Similar but not the same, I can go for hours without eating and except for those symptoms, Im fine, I mean Im not collapsing or anything. Its like my body believes that sugar is low when its not. Anyway, I also ruled out bunch of other health issues (stomach, food sensitivities, parasites, SIBO etc)
    I tried sooo maaany things. Diets, medicines, supplements, antianxiety pills, doctors, altmed specialists, psychotherapy. Nothing helps. not a bit. In the meantime I've found a name for it over the internet - Idiopathic Postprandial Syndrome. Depending on the definition it can mean symptoms of hypoglycemia without actual low sugar or feeling bad after meal. And I have both, so I believe this is what I have. I also probably meet criteria for mild POTS (HR rises about 30 beats when standing).
    The information on IPS is very sparse, sources just say that its probably due to inadequate adrenal reaction and its not life threatening like real hypoglycemia. Treatment is to it balanced, small, frequent meals, reduce carbs. Well... its not working for me at all.
    When googling and googling I finally read about TMS approaches.
    Part of me believes that this is a solution to my problems. I had shitty childhood, I was always anxious, perfectionist, sensitive. My current relationship also issn't very satisfying (and my symptoms has made it a lot worse).
    But there is another part that poisons my mind every time I try to introduce for example meditation routine. It gives me doubts and doubts and doubts to the point when I no longer believe that this will help, I want to cry and die.
    Its really hard for me to believe in this because this its so rare. There are so many stories of pain or conditions like fibromyalgia, CFS, MCS and nothing applies to what I have.
    It not "just hunger" like everyone around is telling me. Its hunger, its hypoglycemia-like panic mode, its weakness, nausea its basically feeling off 100% time. This is ruining my life. Im not bedridden, Im capable of doing most of my duties, so noone is taking me seriously. But I'm doing this only because I constantly struggle with symptoms, they've taken all the pleasure from my life. But ok, enough of this self-pity. Im thankful to all who was able to read this wall of text.
    What do you think? Can it be TMS? How to find motivation and strength to work on that?
  2. Balsa11

    Balsa11 Well known member

    I've had stomach sensations like this but it passes when I acknowledge the anxiety causing it. Hot water and exercise can help. You could also be tired from worrying. Since all your tests came out normal, this is due to repressed emotions. The only thing that stopped the pain was acknowledging it and getting involved in something else that took my attention off it. Definitely take care of you and your relationships (they are the first thing to get affected by mental health), and you don't need to meditate if it makes you feel stuck.
  3. shesjustoff

    shesjustoff Newcomer

    Thank you for your response. My symptoms persist even if I don't worry or distract my attention. I know it can be like that, but that makes it sooo hard to accept TMS possibility. Also, meditation is not a problem ifselt, its just that every time I try to really work on that, my brain just floods me with thoughts that its pointless, wont fix me and getting sad and panicked and unable to do any work.
  4. Ltorza92

    Ltorza92 Newcomer

    Hi shesjustoff! I first have to say my heart really goes out to you I’m dealing with the exact same issue with no and/or solution insight please let me know if you found anything that helps or would just like to chat for support as it can definitely feel very isolating
  5. shesjustoff

    shesjustoff Newcomer

    Thank you Ltorza92, you're not alone in this. Unfortunately I'm still struggling with this, but I haven't really dive into TMS techniques to be honest. I wrote you private message.

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