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I need an advice !

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Renny, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Renny

    Renny New Member

    Hello everybody! Hope you are having a great day. For the past week i started the SEP and folowing some advices I'm slowly aproving. With the journaling I think that I'm struggling but it's gonna get better. As I was gaining confidence to incorporate activity in my every day I started having a lot of fear and anxiety. This is all new to me. I will not go in details. How did you manage to cope. Do you think I should consult a profesional? I will be greatefull for any advice.
  2. Celayne

    Celayne Well known member

    Were you having fear and anxiety from incorporating activity into your life? If so, I would say just keep doing the activity. It will eventually let your brain know that you are NOT afraid of the pain and the pain should start to dissipate.

    The biggest change I have made since self-diagnosing TMS is to just keep active despite any pain. That's new for me. I used to curl up on the couch or go to bed when I hurt, now I just go about my day. Sometimes I hurt for much of the day anyway. but it's better to keep busy.

    I haven't consulted a professional, mostly because I think I can do this myself with the support of the books and this site, but also I am trying to conserve money right now. Just moved, new house and all that. If it feels right to you, you should find one but there's nothing wrong with working on it without professional help.

    Part of my determination to 'go it alone' stems from my not wanting to do what I did for nearly a decade - turn to a professional (non-TMS) to 'cure' me or make me feel better. I would get dependent on various providers and it cost me a lot of money and didn't help in the long run. I realize that a TMS-savvy professional would not be the same but I need to do this on my own as much as I can.

    I hope this helps.
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  3. Renny

    Renny New Member

    Thank you Cricket313, for your kind reply. I'ts strange like as soon as finish the activity I get overvelmed. It means that as soon as the pain subsides the anxiety starts. I feel on edge. I'm taking things slowly an slowly improving. I sure hope it is a part of the recovery process or so I think. Thank you again.
  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle


    It's very common for anxiety to increase as pain decreases. It can be viewed as the symptom imperative, where TMS shifts from one form to another when we begin working on it. It's difficult, but try to just hang on and keep going. It will eventually get better. Try using the techniques for anxiety in Alan Gordon's new Recovery Program.
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  5. Celayne

    Celayne Well known member

    You are distracted from your symptoms by the activity. That's the good part. The rest will fall into place. Keep at it!
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