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Hi ,, im looking for help

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Wesam, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Wesam

    Wesam Newcomer

    Hi , my name is wesam and im from Dubai its a city in the middle east were no one here believe in tms syndrome nether the doctors nor the pepole
    2014 after I cured from the stomac problems i felt mild lower back pain for the first time and after i visit the first doctor and he just send me for an MRI without even physical assessment after he saw the MRI results he just said ( why this happened to you you still young) I t was a shock for me and when i asked him about what’s going on he just said miiiinor disc bulg don’t worry after telling me im young and why this happened to me .. no need to tell you the result of seeing such a doctor , i lost my old life literally and after 6 months my shoulder pain start with new diagnosis ( rotater cuf) and after a year nick pain left side and then ankle pain and and i went to 13 Dr some saying nothing important some said mild bulge in your neck and your back and some we see nothing in your MRI , by the end 2019 I decided to ignore all the doctors , physiotherapist, accupanchers etc

    I start reding Dr sarno books and icome back to exercises again i felt much better get rid with my neck, shoulder, arm pain but the back pain still exists by 2020 i start feeling bit of mild tingling, needling in my foot with no pain going down to my foot where i start now panic again i know that is one of tms symptoms as Dr sarno mentioned but im afraid now again that this is due to a structure abnormalities and i start thinking again to start going to the dr again ,, thats why im disparate and i join this website today looking for help or looking for pepole to tell me what to do

    I feel im swinging between my great believe in dr sarno and tms and my new symptoms..

    thank you
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  2. miffybunny

    miffybunny Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Wesam,

    Welcome to the Wiki! You are definitely in the right place! It's quite common for symptoms to move to other areas of the body. As you know TMS is an anxiety disorder fueled by fear. If you lose the fear and shift focus and engage in life, the symptoms go away. You will need to look at what is going on in your life that is creating stress and tension as well as negative thought habits and emotions you may be repressing. The important thing is to remain indifferent to the symptoms. Read about "Outcome Independence" here. There's a great article by Alan Gordon you should read!
  3. Wesam

    Wesam Newcomer

    Thank you miffy for replaying i believe that my pain due to tms but today i was watching a video of dr dr howard schubiner and i dont know but I thought he said if there is some sensation in arm or leg thats mean something ealse going on maybe due to a structural reason , once I herd this I panicked i said may be its the disc bulge which the doctors told me it was the reason mybe my back getting worse because im exercising again... or maybe i was wrong with what Dr howard schubiner saying .. thank you again
  4. Wesam

    Wesam Newcomer


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