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Herniated disc

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by eren, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. eren

    eren New Member

    Hi guys!

    For a couple of months I've dealt with herniated disc pain. I've done everything I was told (yoga, PT, medicin etc.), and eventhough it got better, I am still in pain! The interesting thing was, that I experienced this pain when i failed an exam this summer..The thing for me is, that I am almost done as a dental surgeon (being 22 years old, if my age has got any relevans in this matter), and I am terrified that I cant use my education because of my pain. This thought is eating my up, and I dont know what to do, since my doctors wont perform any kind of surgery on me..

    Anyhow I've slowly accepted dr.Sarnos idea of the pain being due to my reaction to stress (and believe me; I am very stressed out!!!!!!!!). I am currently quite convinced that my condition is due to whatever is going on in my head..

    So my questions are;

    What should I do now? Ive read that I should write a journal about stuff, that creates anger and stress for me. So I've been doing this for two days now..Should I just continue on the same specific thing giving me stress, or should I for everyday elaborate new things?

    What would be my next step after the journal writing?

    Thanks alot guys! I really appreciate any kind of help,!
  2. Explorer

    Explorer Well known member

    Hi Eren:

    I found it helpful to meet and be diagnosed by a TMS MD. Counseling has also been helpful for me as well. I did a good bit of journaling in the beginning of the program, I am at week #6, and some of what I needed to write about was also very stressful and sad. There is a SEP program on this wiki. It will give you some ideas about what to write about.

    The process of healing is sometimes slow and is not linear. I've had days with zero pain and then days like today when I can really feel it. I also just started working out again and the unconsious mind does not like that.

  3. charcol

    charcol Peer Supporter

    My first experience with TMS was with a herniated disc in my lower back. After a year or so of dealing with the normal entourage of specialists (chiro, osteopath, PT, acupuncture, cortisone), I discovered Sarno and his book, Healing Back Pain. Nine weeks after finishing the book, the pain started to subside and by eleven weeks, was gone. I followed his advice: spent 15 minutes a day on the affirmations, slowly integrating my old workout patterns at the gym, and trying to think of how anger, anxiety, and low self-esteem were affecting me. Sarno says the normal recovery time is 2-4 weeks, but I kept at it because I had tried everything else short of surgery AND I believed in his process and theory. The process can be different for everyone, but this is what worked for me. I hope that helps.
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  4. Explorer

    Explorer Well known member

    Hi Charcol:

    Thanks for the response. I am getting better every day at week 6. I think the recovery time is different for everyone as I've seen on the wiki some people take months. I am trying to be outcome independent. That has helped a good bit as Terry mentioned. Believing in the process takes time and doubt is normal. I still sometimes struggle shaking the label of my diagnosis. The affirmations are key to healing. I have to get back to reading them every day!

    Glad to hear you've healed and are pain free.

  5. Lori

    Lori Well known member

    Hi Eren. It's highly unlikely your herniated disc is causing your pain. It is a painless condition and many many people have herniated discs. I do. Of course they were blamed for the pain I had, and surgery was suggested. But I learned of Dr. Sarno, did get to see him, believed what he was saying applied to me, and "did the work". My pain went away after a few weeks and normal life resumed.

    There are stories in our profiles that show details of how we got better, so you may want to look at those as well.

    And it takes as long as it takes. And yes, stress exacerbates pain. It's just the way it is. I do suggest reading more on this forum, but the rest is up to you. You need to believe it is due to stress and nothing physical, and write about things that bother you. Some things you'll be able to change, some things accept, some things forgive, etc. And you can even write about why journaling makes you angry. Dr. Sarno suggests making a list of things that create emotion for us. I did it that way and wrote about various topics on that list. When it was exhausted, enough things continued to come to mind to write about. Years later I still journal occasionally. I find it a very helpful outlet. Yes, it takes effort. I also enjoy shredding or burning some of the things I've written!

    Best wishes!
  6. jullemire

    jullemire Peer Supporter


    I too have an herniated disc (C5-C6) and when I first learned about TMS (less than 2 weeks ago!) I bought Dr. Sarno's book Healing back pain and read it in 4 days. The fact that you accept the diagnosis of TMS helps a lot (well it did for me, I know it's not the same for everyone).
    Also I started 6 days ago the SEP (http://www.tmswiki.org/ppd/Structured_Educational_Program) which also helps.

    Since I started all of this I can say my pain has reduced by 75%. However, this morning I woke up with a sharp pain between my shoulder blade and neck. Instead of freaking out, I asked myself what was stressing me, realized what it was and the pain was gone within 30 minutes.
    I think the key element is to tell your brain you know it is the one causing you the pain and then dealing with your stress (accepting the fact you are stressed and finding ways to deal with it).

    So if journaling works for you keep doing it. You should also get educated about TMS (reading a book about it and/or following the SEP).

    I'm far from being an expert but I tell you this works! Hope you find relief soon!
  7. Ace2289

    Ace2289 Newcomer

  8. Ace2289

    Ace2289 Newcomer

    When you say you're at week 6, does that mean you're following a specific program or is it simply that 6 weeks ago you bought into the Sarno method? If it's a program you're following, could you elobarate?


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