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Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by jwiles, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. jwiles

    jwiles Peer Supporter

    Hello, my name is Joseph. I'm 25 years old and I believe I may have TMS. I have been having strange symptoms for about two years. Mostly pain in my Left hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and even my shoulder sometimes. Another major symptom I've been having is tremors in both of my hands the tremor is the worst in my left ring finger and left index finger. I don't know if this is related to TMS but I believe it might be. I have just recently discovered TMS in the last couple weeks. I have exhausted all attempts to find a diagnosis to what's going on with me. I've had EMGs nerve conduction studies MRIs x-rays blood test. Fortunately everything is come back clear so far. This is still frustrating though because I can't find anything to explain my symptoms. The pain is never consistent and always shift from one area to the next. Hopefully I will find some relief in TMS I'm starting to believe it's highly probable. Any suggestions on what my first step should be? On the plus side up until the last couple of months I've been in constant pain. I've had a few days here recently where I'm almost in no pain at all.
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi jwiles,

    Everything you've said seems to point to TMS. Some possible next steps are to get diagnosed by a physician who specializes in TMS. There are lists at the TMS wiki. This helps eliminated doubts, but you may not need this if you are convinced, and you've eliminated serious illnesses that could cause your symptoms.

    I am not sure what daily practice you are doing to engage Dr. Sarno's approach. One avenue is to do the SEP, here http://www.tmswiki.org/ppd/Structured_Educational_Program
    and I would recommending adding this too: http://www.tmswiki.org/ppd/TMS_Recovery_Program

    Both are free.

    You've come to the right place because we've all suffered plenty here. Your questions are welcome. Good luck.

    Andy B.
  3. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, jwiles. Andy has given you great advice. I too urge you to start the Structured Educational Program.
    Its daily activities will teach you more about TMS and healing from it.

    Your pain may be from repressed emotions going back to your childhood. They may have been triggered
    and surfaced because of current things in your personal, school, or work life.

    Or they may be from a perfectionist or "goodist" personality, wanting to please everyone and be liked,
    and repressing your real emotions in the process. Journaling in the SEP will help you through all of this.

    But also, you must believe 100 percent that your pain is TMS emotional and not structural.

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