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Having trouble believing dry eye is tms

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by blackle22, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    Hi Kitty Kat. This is helpful! I wish I was so lucky to have my dry eye vanish as quickly as you. I have also been going through an angry time as well. I'm just afraid this is permanent I guess.
  2. KittyKat

    KittyKat Newcomer

    I’m so glad this is helpful to you. I completely understand your fear. Before I read the book, I thought I would have to quit my job, I stopped socialising, I couldn’t look people in the eye. I felt like my life was over. It was truly awful. But reading Healing Back Pain gave me the absolute faith that my brain had created this situation. So whenever my eye was bothering me – I would laugh at it, and have a little conversation with my brain. I think having that faith was the most important thing.
  3. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    That's a good way to look at it. I feel the same way. For me it is both eyes and now I have red veins in my eyes which I hate the most. Makes me feel self-conscious.
  4. KittyKat

    KittyKat Newcomer

    I too have lots of red veins in my eye that was affected, and I was very self-conscious about it for a while. I spent a lot of time looking in the mirror and getting upset about it. I now avoid completely looking at it and thinking about it. I have actually realised lately that most people have at least some red veins in their eyes. I had never noticed that before! I think the more time you spend thinking about it, the worse it gets (in your head anyway).
  5. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    I never use to have any in my eyes so it is definitely difficult for me to accept.
  6. Dfire

    Dfire New Member

    I suffered dry eye syndrome. Especially upon wakening, felt like ice picks into my eyes (both). Redness, yes, inability to wear the contacts I'd worn every day for 10 years, yes. Went through new rx in eyeglasses every 6 months, yes Worry every night as my head hit the pillow, yes. Start to affect even my ability to read Dr. Sarno's books or the TMSwiki, yes. (in my case, I'd been 'diagnosed' with atrophied Meibomian glands, and told I slept with my eyes open. I endured worsening symptoms as I wore a mask to sleep in at night to keep moisture on my eyes, underwent questionable 'Lipiflow' treatment, I did all the 'corrections' to the way I blinked (since I'd also been diagnosed as a partial blinker) and only later did I independently come to realize due to my age Meibomian gland atrophy seems to be a typical aspect of aging, and since not every older person suffers the pain of dry eye syndrome I could myself eliminate my atrophied glands as a 'cause and effect.' I didn't have anybody to look at my eyes while I slept, but I had a strong feeling that I actually do not sleep with my eyes open (that was a hard 'physical' 'cause' for me to shake since a 'trusted' doctor had told me his test performed awake sitting with my head tilted back 'proved' I did.) I did find relief in correcting my blinks (deliberately pressing my eyelids using my eye muscles after closing), which supported my brain's acceptance of a physical cause. I found relief in warm compresses when I awoke as well as Refresh Endura eyedrops touted on many dry eye sites I'd obsessed reading. So, again, I was treating a physical cause. Which is numero uno why a TMS issue will NOT heal. The hardest thing to let go was the warm compresses because they were indeed relaxing, whether they 'treated' my dry eyes or not. What finally was the breakthrough for me was more in depth personal exploration of the 'source' for my 'rage' inside my TMS manifestations. I kept excusing my dry eyes as not being possible TMS because I had already 'cured' myself within 3 weeks of terrible life-altering sciatica a few years earlier. So I mistakenly thought I "got it all"--like a surgeon may say when removing cancerous tumors when I cured my back and leg pain. That back and leg pain was cured while reading Dr. Sarno's and Fred Amir's books when I'd come to realize that my doctor's 'diagnosis' that I had fused L5 and L4 vertebrae and that that plus my arthritis of the spine and R hip was the 'cause' of my sciatica and leg pain (pain I'd measure as a 75 on scale of 1-10 and I am a very stoic person with a high tolerance for pain...my #1 journal entry was a wish to wake up without groaning.) I have realized that, again, fusion of those vertebrae in older people is common, as is arthritis, and since a not all people with that same X-ray have pain, then what the x-ray shows can't be what causes pain in those who have pain. It's merely a concurrent condition, not a causal condition. I was self-motivated to fight off that spinal diagnosis primarily because the doctor gave me a laundry list of activities and postures to avoid. A a new list of poses I was supposed to do to alleviate my back pain. I had practiced yoga for 10 years and now saw these restrictions being a limitation on what were in fact my favorite & most relaxing postures. The postures that created a feeling of full body massage every time I did them, my go-to poses which had lifted untold stress off my back for a decade were ones I wasn't supposed to do. I did as I was told and continued to feel worsening pain. I liked some of the new poses I learned but I hated the other restrictions. Finally, while reading Fred Amur's book, I spoke back to my pain calling it faux pain (and also 'F-O' pain--substitute a naughty word for the'F' and you know what I was telling my pain) as I addressed the psychological stress I was under when the pain arose and when I back-tracked to the first time I'd felt the pain and then mapped out the vicious cycle I'd created by 'expecting' the pain in similar physical circumstances. I considered myself 'healed' when I could do any and all my fave yoga poses pain free, when I could also do all the things I'd previously done in pain, PAIN-FREE (drive long distances, sit for long hours at a computer, do some leg weight exercises I'd been doing when the pain first arose.) I hadn't followed my doctor's instructions and I also hadn't had any recommended surgeries or steroid injections. I knew I was onto something. With dry eye it's been much more difficult. I can't test 'sleep' and dry eye the way I could test leg pain when I sat for a long drive, or I avoided long drives to see if the leg pain came without the long drive. I have to sleep. I also became 'addicted' to the physical treatments--eye drops and soothing hot compresses. When I also recognized that I didn't DO the new yoga poses I'd learned to ALLEVIATE my back pain, rather, I simply ENJOYED the poses, I also came to realize I could take a hot compress to my eyes mid-day because it felt good not because it 'treated' my early morning dry eye/melted my stuck meibomian glands. Dry eye came back constantly and consistently with sleep. I certainly had a little voice in my head (my doctor's) telling me I slept with my eyes open. I finally decided to talk back to my doctor (the one in my head, not my real one) and yelled I do NOT sleep with my eyes open, I didn't have dry eye for 45 years, I didn't just start sleeping with my eyes open and in fact my daughter as a toddler creepily DID sleep with her eyes fully open and never suffered dry eye pain, so shut up little voice! And it got worse without drops without compresses. I saw repeated setbacks when I did my power blinks or reached for my drops after long computer work. But I remembered that my sciatica had had setbacks, too. It took me again about 3 weeks (where I can assure you at no time did my corneas suffer any damage nor did I go blind) it was tough but I got to the other side of the dry-eye mountain. Pain Gone. Eye drops not needed. F-O dry eye syndrome. (Another mental assist I got was researching the enormity of profits made it the last few decades in treating dry eye syndrome. Follow the money!)
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  7. lowella

    lowella Peer Supporter

    I had dry eyes and dry mouth, dry skin etc also! The rheumatologist kept calling it sjogren's disease. They are gone now as I have done work with another similar program. Best wishes!

    Annnnd....I just realized how old this thread is. Hope you are doing better!
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