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Fundamental question from a beginner

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by drub11417, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. drub11417

    drub11417 New Member

    I’m 34, and i have had bad sciatica flareups for 1 year and 2 months now.
    After reading and watching Dr.Sarno, im still not able to understand the basic gist.
    My question is
    OK, its psychology, totally agree!
    My question is how to understand the root cause of the rage?
    And make peace with your subconscious.
    Now ive a had a lot of stress
    Lost my business, divorce, lost child custody, so i immigrated, did a degree, lost job due to sciatica, now unemployed immigrant blowing money in the hope to find a job. But I cant relax, cos the meter is running every day and anxiety looms every other day.
    How can I isolate the exact cause of my inner rage? Of course some of my rage is because of my bad luck and some due to my flaws.But isnt the trick to find out what’s bothering you and fix that?
    I tried meditation but no answer.
    How can it be possible to cure tbe rage permanently without identifying where it’s coming from? I cant seem to agree and accept that simply by vaguely blaming rage without identifying the source can be a long term holistic solution

    Please guide me if you can

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  2. Pietro Carloni

    Pietro Carloni Peer Supporter

    dear drub11417,
    Your questions are legitimate and I confess you that they are the same ones I set for the first few months when I tried to put into practice the advice on this forum and Dr. Sarno.

    What I have learned in recent months, however, is that the more I worried about finding the cause of my discomfort (although psycho-logical), the more I tried to dig into my unconscious, the more the pain increased or migrated to other parts of the body. perhaps because I put myself under too much pressure, perhaps because I was looking for an immediate solution to my problem and my pain.

    Vice versa, the approach proved to be more effective when I could accept my pain, when I could perceive it as something momentary, when I stopped asking myself when it would cease, when in practice I stopped analyzing the symptom and concentrated on living my days despite the symptom.

    What I believe is that there is a definite limit in the possibility of understanding our unconscious on a conscious level, because we lose ourselves in trying to give a logic to a part of ourselves that is not so logical. With the result that if we do not see consistent responses to our attempts at understanding we generate frustrations that inevitably worsen our state, because we lose confidence in our possibilities and diminish our self-esteem.

    And here the circle reopens and repeats itself, self-powered by ourselves, continuously.

    I hope I have been useful and I am waiting for someone more prepared to make his contribution to shed light on this aspect that has blocked me for so long.

    A greeting
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  3. BloodMoon

    BloodMoon Beloved Grand Eagle

    I recommend reading fellow forum member Plum's posting (of June 27, 2018) on this thread http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/back-pained-struggling.18850/#post-99809 (Back Pained Struggling...). In it Plum explains that searching for repressed emotions is not always necessary and she gives some links that might be helpful to you, particularly Steve Ozanich's posting entitled 'Seeking the Grail' (of note is that the Alan Gordon programme that she also refers to is probably better seen/accessed here http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/painrecovery/ (Pain Recovery Program), rather than through the link in her posting)...

    Certainly, from what you have written, your TMS may possibly be more to do with current (and possibly past) stress(es) more than rage and - even if it is caused by rage - it might not be about just one key incident or thing that is causing your brain to give you symptoms. I therefore think you might find this book of some help as the author suggests that, rather than looking at emotions in terms of rage or anger, a way to try to discover what's going on within is to journal about the irritations and frustrations that you feel now and have felt in the past https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pain-Free-...1539602573&sr=8-1&keywords=pain+free+for+life.

    As you have a lot of stress and associated anxiety currently going on in your life, maybe it will be of help to tell you that I recently saw a past post by fellow forum member @balto in which he recommended Dale Carnegie's book 'How to Stop Worrying and Start Living'; the things the author talks about and says to do in that book (especially on pages 203 to 206 inclusive) really 'clicked' with me and are making a difference to my pain levels (as I have discovered that I am conditioned to unconsciously and habitually tense my muscles in response to the stresses of life and I also tense them for no apparent reason) - May be this is what is happening to you too; you can see the aforementioned pages for free here: https://books.google.co.uk/books?redir_esc=y&id=zHBEKfn52l4C&q=Brill#v=snippet&q=Brill&f=false (How to Stop Worrying and Start Living).

    I hope something I've referred you to or suggested will be of some help to you.

    All good wishes.
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  4. drub11417

    drub11417 New Member

    Thank you BloodMoon, am looking at all your options now ....
    Thanks Pietro.

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  5. drub11417

    drub11417 New Member

    EUREKA !!!!


    ITS SIMPLE, Although I have no job yet, I still have my peace of mind, and am truly grateful to be alive & feel blessed
    I enjoy a morning walk in the cold suburbs with the trees and ferns before sunrise.

    TMS IS REAL guys believe it, the body can heal itself with positivity, Im not a 100% cured, far from it
    But I BELIEVE I can be cured, and that motivates me, Im currently 60% alright

    In a nutshell, the trick is to simply believe that you can be cured, follow a regimen (no holds barred) which includes diet, exercise and normalcy.
    Donot hold a single excuse to even talk like a diseased person, no sycophancies like sleeping on the floor, soft cushion bla bla.
    Just be a friend to your subconscious and take his help to give you the strength to overcome it.
    Not gonna be a cakewalk first 2 days, and I started this regimen only a week back, But I BELIEVE AND THEREFORE I WILL WIN.

    Peace out
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  6. Brightman

    Brightman New Member

    Hi drub11417. I have been pain free nearly three weeks for the first time in several years by following this program.
    I don't want to diminish your problems in any way but for me I had to prioritize my peace of mind and well being over external events as described by Alan Gordon in his recovery program. I am going through a difficult time myself, including house repossession but realized I have control over my reactions to events if not the events themselves. I stopped trying to find the "exact" emotion as this was going back into the thinking about pain and just learned to accept all of my emotions as being ok as well as being kind to myself and stopping all stressful thoughts.

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