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Free TMS/Health Coaching

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by CoachMike, Mar 10, 2022.


What would be most helpful from a TMS/Health Coach

  1. Adding/improving TMS tools like somatic tracking, journaling, breath work etc.

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  2. Identifying and responding to fear

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  3. Recognizing default thought patterns and intentionally creating new ones that serve us

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  4. Having someone help build my confidence in my TMS diagnosis

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. CoachMike

    CoachMike Newcomer

    Hey everyone! About 7 years ago, during a very stressful time, I developed a lot of scary symptoms with my hands and wrists becoming painful, weak, then even shaky. This moved on to general body pain and then continued on to other common TMS issues. As a fitness nut and someone who identifies themselves with exercise and wellness this was devastating and of course fed the TMS loop.

    Thankfully I discovered Dr. Sarno, the curable app and finally Alan Gordon's Wiki page. After many ups and downs, I finally clawed my way back to my mostly normal self. The experience eventually led to me getting my health coaching certificate through Chris Kresser’s ADAPT program. After a small relapse, during another stressful time, I completed a Curable groups class.

    After completing the groups class I knew I wanted to focus my health coaching around TMS. The impact it could have on people would be potentially life changing.

    With this in mind, I read Alan Gordon’s book, “The Way Out” and then completed his Pain Reprocessing Therapy class offered to people in the therapy/wellness field.

    Now that I’m “edumacated” just enough to be dangerous… I was hoping for some help practicing my coaching with a few clients who are already on the TMS path and have ruled out medical conditions with their doctors.

    I would like to offer 3 free one hour zoom sessions to a handful of willing TMSers. If anyone is interested please email me at mikehackettcoaching@gmail.com The sessions would be focused around what you're currently doing, areas you think you need improvement in, TMS related insights I might have as an unbiased perspective. These sessions might help someone who feels stuck or plateaued with their progress, or isn't even sure where to begin. For me they would be valuable experience putting to practice in coaching what I have lived and learned over the last 7 or so years.

    I only have a limited amount of time to do free sessions so if you are interested please email as soon as possible.

    Be well everyone.

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