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Foot pain transferred right to left

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by cgioia, May 22, 2022.

  1. cgioia

    cgioia New Member

    Hi all,

    About a month ago I went for a 3 day hike, no pain. A week later, a long road trip resulting in a twinge of pain in my right foot in a number of places. This twinge slowly built up as I got closer to doing a major, 800k hike in Spain Ive been anticipating.

    Ultrasound showed no issues on each foot.

    After 6 days on the hike practicing Alan Gordon's technique's, outcome independence and somatic tracking, the pain left.

    Only problem is the pain has transferred to my left foot now, in a less TMS presenting way. It's on my Achilles, which wasn't the problem area last time.

    It's harder to see this as TMS as the last one was more classic TMS, small initial injury that got magnified in my mind.

    But this time I've been walking 25-30k a day for a week now, so a structural injury is more believable.

    Not sure, has anyone experienced sudden Achilles pain that went away without rest. Could maybe get another ultrasound but difficult on my hike right now.


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